New Volt Alpine Electric Mountain Bike

The Electric Bike Store is pleased to announce the launch of the superb Volt Alpine Electric Mountain Bike. This bike combines rugged mountain bike looks with the versatility of a high specification electric bike and is with out a doubt the best looking electric mountain bike available today.

It comes with two excellent Lithium Polymer battery options – 36V 10Ah or 36V 16Ah. Both batteries have been designed to complement the design of the bike and blend perfectly with it’s sleek looks. In combination with a powerful maintenance free Bafang Brushless 250W motor you’ll be able to eat up the miles. The 10Ah battery will allow you to cycle for around 50 miles on medium pedal assistance whereas the huge 16Ah battery will increase your range to a staggering 80 miles.

An easy to use LCD controller makes varying pedal assistance levels smooth and simple and records the distance you ride. High specification RST front suspension forks assure a nice smooth ride and the excellent Shimano 8 speed gears give you the versatility that you’d expect from this high end gear manufacturer. Tektro disc brakes also mean that you can stop quickly for maximum safety.

This is truly a superb bike to ride. It’s perfect for those people who want an electric bike that can be ridden on tracks as well as on road. It’s also the best looking electric mountain bike available and is a great price at only £1,299.

If you’re interested in finding out more please call one of our experts on 0207 378 4728.

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New volt alpine electric mountain bike

New Volt Metro Folding Electric Bike

 The Electric Bike Store is pleased to announce the UK launch of the new updated Volt Metro Folding Electric Bike which combines both ease of use with good looks and reliability to deliver a fantastic rider experience.

Boasting an excellent 36V Lithium Polymer battery combined with an industry leading 250W maintenance free Bafang motor, the Volt Metro is capable of speeds of up to 15.5mph which is perfect for beating those traffic jams and climbing those steep hills!

It’s even been fitted with an easy to use thumb throttle which means that if tiredness really kicks in you can stop pedaling and just use the throttle to power you to your destination.

A simple to use folding frame allows the Volt Metro to be folded so it can fit inside almost any car boot as well as allowing it to be taken on nearly all forms of public transport.

This is a truly impressive bike at an excellent price. Ride it away today for only £999.

If you’re interested in finding out more please call one of our experts on 0207 378 4728.

Looking for a new way to keep fit in 2013?

A new fun way to keep fit for 2013! On an electric bike

Nearly everyone, in every office, in the UK will be having the same conversations over the next week or so. Not only will we be having the same conversations but they will be identical to the ones we had this time last year! ‘Weight loss’, ‘Diets’, ‘Exercise’, ‘Gyms'; these are all words that will be at the centre of our daily small talk at work during this time… Already my twitter timeline is swamped with people either asking or advising on the best local gyms and our media are currently hammering out advertising for the latest weight loss schemes endorsed by a number vaguely recognisable celebrities!

The overnight transformation from a week of festive excessiveness to militant dieting and exercise regimes can almost seems like a form of self-inflicted punishment just for enjoying yourself. In some cases it’s hard to interpret it any other way. Watching people hand over money to run through a public park, while a man in army cadet trousers shouts his head off at them, seems to illustrate this point perfectly!

No wonder the majority of people who sign up to gyms and other weight loss schemes will drop out within the first month. Exercise and keeping fit should be fun, not a punishment!

Discussions around health, dieting and exercise have never been more prominent than today. But the fact is, if we see these things as a form of punishment, unless you have a sadomasochistc character, you’ll likely to give up before too long.

The good news is there has never been a better time to get active! More and more efforts are being made to create activities that are more fun and interesting to do. Only yesterday I stumbled upon terror running… Yes you heard me right a terror run! This is an organised night run called ‘Night Terror’ that involves running in the dark while actors and constructed scenes of terror await! Visit for more info. Obviously this is a more extreme example. The 2012 London Olympics also seems to have captured our exercise imagination; with handball being one of the UK’s fastest growing sports since the games.

A great way of keeping fit is simply to increase activity: take the stairs instead of lift, walk or cycle instead of drive. You’ll be amazed at how much impact these little adjustments can make to your fitness! You can find out more good advice on healthy living on the BBC’s health page

The Electric Bike Store staff have also noticed a significant increase in interest and sales of electric bikes since the Olympics.

EBS Director Lyle Metcalfe says:

"The great advantage of electric bikes is that it has all the health benefits of cycling but you know if you run into trouble or get too tired you’ve got a battery powered motor to help you out. This assurance means people go out more often on their electric bike than they would on a normal bike. In essence the knowledge of having an electric powered bicycle means they actually exercise more! They certainly have a lot more fun on an electric bike too!

With so many types of electric bikes, (even electric mountain bikes) this new way of keeping active appeals to a wide range of riders. The very nature of them however makes electric bikes highly suitable to those who have had a break from exercise and want a positive reintroduction to the benefits of keeping active."

The look of these electric bikes has to be a contributing factor to their rise in popularity. To look at you wouldn’t even know the bikes are electric. Two of the particularly stylish models are the Alpine electric mountain bike and the Metro folding electric bike, which you can see below.

Electric folding bike
Alpine Electric Mountain Bike

You can see the Electric Bikes Store’s full electric bike range here. If you are interested in finding out more why not call today on 020 7378 4728 or if you want try one out book an electric bike test ride here and find out why so many people are getting on their electric bikes!