UK Folding Electric Bike Video Demo

Volt Metro Electric Bike Demo Vid…

Check out our new vid demonstrating how awesome the Volt Metro folding electric bike really is! See us whizzing around London and while demoing some of this electric bike’s key features…

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For more information or to arrange a test ride please visit Volt Metro Folding Electric Bike.

Volt Pulse in Electric Bike Magazine

Yet another publication featuring and reviewing one of our best selling electric bikes: the Volt Pulse. This month the Electric Bike Magazine (Issue 5) puts the Volt Pulse hibrid electric bike through it’s paces. As usual there’s high praise for this popular electric bike.

"A smartly turned out electric bike"

"The volt was an easy bike to use. As electric bikes go it’s not heavy…"

See what the fuss is about and arrange a free test ride today!

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