Electric Bikes Prove A Hit For the Young at Heart

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Electric Bikes Prove A Hit For the Young at Heart.

 What makes cycling stand out from other modes of transport? Accessibility. Both children and adults alike can enjoy a leisurely cycle at relative ease. But with the exponentially growing popularity of electric bikes across the world, there are lingering questions regarding safety, and whether or not they are suitable for elderly riders in particular. We will explore some of the ways that electric bikes could help safety on the road, and look into why they are such a valuable addition to the already thriving cycling culture.

Cycling For All Ages

Amsterdam is renowned for its cycle-friendly culture; a trait that many cities are attempting to emulate. However, what makes the Dutch community so unique is the fact that the elderly are just as passionate about cycling as the young. Most recently, a group of elderly cyclists in the Dutch town of Vught celebrated their enthusiasm for cycling as they made their way through the town on their electric bikes. With the practice becoming ever popular, there are more and more elderly cyclists on the road; and with added numbers there comes the added potential for danger. But why is this the case?

As mentioned previously, more people hopping on bikes, means an increased probability of potential incidents. Whilst it has been shown that elderly riders were no more likely to cause or be involved in a traffic accident than younger riders, it was revealed that they are more vulnerable on the road. Ultimately, the solution here is to devise a cycling system that does not detract from the joy of cycling, but adds an increased level of safety for senior cyclists. Continue reading

Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes Can Help With Injury Rehabilitation.

electric bikes and rehabilitation

Recovering from an injury can be a challenging and often frustrating time. The transition period between injury and rehabilitation is an incredibly volatile stage that requires the upmost level of care and observation. Electric bikes can help with injury rehabilitation, offering a solid platform to ease into activity following physical trauma, without the added dangers of overworking the body.

We will take a look at some of the benefits that electric bikes offer and evaluate how they compare to other less effective modes of injury recovery. But before we do that, we will briefly take a look at what electric bikes are and how they differ from standard bikes.

Going From Strength to Strength with Powered Bikes.

Electrically powered bikes differ from their manual counterparts in that they offer the option to switch from a manual powered pedal to battery powered assistance. Crucially, many electric bikes come with a gauge to increase or reduce the level of assistance. This functions as a useful tool for those at the stage where light exercise has been recommended or prescribed. With this, there is the option to pedal when desired and relax when needed. The power gauge also works well as a tool for progression. With it, riders can gradually decrease the level of assistance as their body begins to heal from the injury- this control option dramatically reduces the chance of aggravating the injury.

Importantly, with the variable difficulty gauges and the option to switch back to manual mode, riders of bikes with a powered motor don’t miss out on cardiovascular activity. As a result, overall fitness levels are maintained- meaning that the user will be well prepared to return to their everyday life.

The main problem with other forms of exercise for injury recovery is that they cannot vary in difficulty level. Swimming is rightfully considered the most soothing initial recovery step; however, outdoor running (which is another popular recovery option) leaves the patient at the mercy of the terrain, and can be hard on the joints. Country roads, pebbles and even running tracks can be far too harsh on the recovering body. In stark contrast, the controls on an e-bike eliminate this issue; the rider has ultimate control over their speed and level of exertion.

Would an Electric Bike Work for Me?

Electric Bikes certainly work as a brilliant recovery tool for the professional cyclist, but they are also beneficial to other sportsmen and sportswomen looking to compliment their recuperation program. Not really into sports? No matter, these bikes also help those who are seriously injured from a non-sporting incident; providing gentle cardio stimulation during the healing period.

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How Electric Bikes Are Influencing The Daily Commute

influence of electric bikes in the daily commute

One of the emerging trends which offers a healthier option to public transport is the e-bike. In light of recent concerns about the carbon emissions, the number of people who turn to greener alternatives in the UK is growing. This means cycling is a much more efficient and enjoyable way to get about town, especially if you are riding a speedy electric bike.
A Preference Of Many: The Efficient Electric Bikes
Bikes are now viewed as a more affordable way of commuting. What is more, the Department of Transport says that one in six of us use bikes regularly. Add the CycleSafe campaign, and the awareness of the benefits that bikes offer and you will notice how popular they are.
However, a new trend is taking the streets by storm and these are electric bikes. At first glance you may not be able to tell them apart from a regular bicycle. But a closer look will reveal a lithium battery powered electric motor connected to the bicycle’s mechanism, which gives an additional boost to those long commutes.
While it is true that e-bikes have been around for some time now, their potential is only just being fully realised. This is mainly due to recent advances in battery technology, which have improved capacity greatly and as a result increased the range of many electric bikes. You can now charge a lithium battery-powered e-bike for 6 hours and in some cases achieve a range of over 60 miles using assisted pedalling. Overall battery life has also improved to around 1000 charge cycles, which equates to around 3 years of regular usage.
Electric bikes are not, however, intended as a means of commuting for lazy cyclers. This is because the motor does not replace pedal power but augments it instead, reducing the energy needs for long commutes or steep hills. This makes electric bikes a perfect means of transport for everyone regardless of age, although in the UK you have to be over 14 to use one.
Environmentally Friendly Volt E-Bikes From Electric Bike Store

Electric bikes are for all intents and purposes a zero-emissions vehicles, meaning they do not produce environmentally harmful chemicals during use. They are also an attractive alternative to cars as after the initial investment the only cost is charging the bike, which uses roughly 3p of electricity.
This initial investment may seem costly, but the Cycle-to-Work scheme allows you to receive a discount of up to 50% if your company is a participating member. The Electric Bike Store carries the Volt brand of e-bikes at competitive prices, making them great value for money as they have more advanced batteries than other brands. They are also designed and produced exclusively in Britain and carry a 2-year standard warranty.
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