Are Electric Bikes Reducing Car Sales?

 Electric Bikes Reducing Car Sales

Recent data compiled by the European Cycling Federation (ECF) has shown that between 2010 and 2011 there was a 22% increase in the sale of electric bikes in Europe whilst there was a 2% fall in car sales during the same year. This has led many to speculate that electric bikes are starting to eat away at car sales, as the number has continued to fall in the years since, with a further decline of 8% during 2012 alone.

Electric Bike Numbers Increase In Europe As Car Sales Fall

In an overall trend, the study also showed that during 2011 over 20,039,000 bicycles were sold compared with only 13,146,770 cars, and although these were not all electric bikes, its shows that new technology in cars is not stopping people from choosing a new bike. Since these figures we compiled around four years ago, the sales of electric bikes has far from slowed, as the sales in Europe grew to between 1 million and 1.2 million in 2013. Continue reading

Benefits of an Electric Folding Bike

Not owning a folding bike

Finding a simple, quick and inexpensive way of getting across the city is something many daily commuters dream of. With the rush hour gridlock occurring on every journey, driving is usually frustrating and getting the train can also be a painful, especially when ticket prices are continuing to rise. Of course some people ride their regular bikes every day, but many are put off by the effort that requires combined with the thought of turning up to work too hot and sweaty. But now there is another option, our chosen e-bike maker Volt™ has made one of the first high quality folding electric bikes, which could be the perfect solution to your commuting nightmare.

How Could I Benefit From A Folding Electric Bike?

The folding electric bike we have in our range is the Volt™ Metro, which has all of the amazing features found on our bigger bikes, but with a clever design which means it can fold up into a compact size that can be carried with you onto a train or bus, or will easily fit into the back of any car. Continue reading

Electric Mountain Bike Buying Guide

electric mountin bikes
Electric bikes are quickly becoming more and more popular as new people realise the benefits they can bring to them. There are now various different styles of electric bike, just as there are normal bikes, with a design suitable for every type of rider.

A Guide To Electric Mountain Bikes

There are small city bikes which are made for short commuting including folding models which you can take on public transport, unisex models that have a Dutch style frame which makes them easy to get on and off, but our most popular bikes are the electric mountain bikes which combine all of the latest technology to make them as light and powerful as possible, with features such as 8 speed gears and high grade aluminium frames. Continue reading

Why Ride An Electric Bike In London?

Riding electric bike in London

There are a number of different ways to get from A to B in London. When it comes to navigating the city’s busy streets, however, an electric bike is one of the best transport options available.

Advantages Of Riding An Electric Bike In London

Here are just a few reasons to travel around London by electric bike:

Navigating the Terrain is Easier- London is home to some steep hills, particularly in the north and south of the city. Areas like Highgate Hill and the terrain surrounding Crystal Palace can be tough on cyclists. However, an electric bike can make things much easier, and the motor and battery will take the strain for as long as needed. An electric bike can also take the edge off of the stop-start nature of travelling around London, as you will be pulling away from standing starts more quickly. Continue reading

Electric Bikes Can Help You Stay In Shape

Stay in shape with electric bikes

A common new year’s resolution is to improve personal health through more regular exercise, but actually finding the time and willpower to go to the gym or get up for an early morning jog can be tricky. However, by riding an electric bike, you can get the exercise you need to stay in shape during normal daily activities.

The Health Benefits Of Riding Electric Bikes

Using electric bikes can have a significant impact on your health, and staying active through cycling can help to reduce the risk of problems such as heart disease and cancer. Electric bikes also present an easy solution to staying healthy and losing weight without having to find extra time in your day for the exercise. You can cycle when travelling to work, going to see your friends, heading to the shops; there are plenty of opportunities to get exercise riding electric bikes whilst also enjoying the practical benefits of travelling more efficiently. Continue reading

SkyCycle Concept Is A Cyclist’s Dream

Riding electric bike in London

New plans have been put forward aimed at tackling London’s congestion problem which could transform the future of city cycling. Sir Norman Foster, the architect who designed the Gherkin tower, has unveiled his project named SkyCycle, which is a network of elevated bike paths built above the capitals railway lines that would allow people to zip across the city blissfully liberated from the roads below. Could this start a revolution for electric bicycles?

Potential New Cycle Paths Over London Train Lines

The proposed SkyCycle network follows existing rail lines and would provide over 220 kilometres of safe, car free cycle routes which could be accessed at over 200 entrance points. Almost six million people live within the catchment area of the proposed network, half of whom live and work within 10 minutes of an entrance. Each route can accommodate 12,000 cyclists per hour and will improve journey times by up to 29 minutes. Continue reading

Copenhagen Introduces Smart Electric Bicycles

smart electric bicycles

The city of Copenhagen is having its shared co-operated bikes replaced with motor-assisted electric bicycles, which feature their own touch-screen instrument panels. The bikes were beta-tested last September and October, and have motors that provide up to 450 watts of power and can be recharged at dozens of docking ports across the city.

Copenhagen’s New High-Tech Electric Bicycles

The new electric bicycles have tablet computers installed between the handlebars, which allow users to book and pay for the bikes and to navigate with GPS. Bikes can also be reserved remotely via a phone app or a computer. Continue reading

Top Tips For Electric Bicycle Riding In Winter

Riding electric bike in London

In these chilly winter months, cyclists will be feeling the bite of the cold during the daily commute. However, you don’t have to pack away your electric bicycle and take to public transport to stay warm!

Staying Safe And Warm In Winter On Your Electric Bicycle

Here are a few tips for when you’re riding your electric bicycle in winter:

  • Wear Plenty Of Layers

    The winter wind can really tear into you when you are out cycling, so make sure you wear plenty of layers of clothes. Thermal clothing will be a big help here. Although wearing your heaviest, thickest coat might seem tempting, it won’t be nearly as effective as a light wind-proof jacket. Gloves are another must. Also wear a thin balaclava under your helmet to keep your face warm. Continue reading

Tips for Insuring Your Electric Bike

security for electric bike

Electric bikes have never been as popular as they are today, as new models improve their strength, durability and battery life. Sadly bikes have long been a common target for thieves, so the high value of an electric bike make them even more at risk. Ensuring you always lock your electric bike in a safe place can help reduce the risk, but having insurance cover is the only way you can have complete peace of mind.

Why Do I Need Insurance For My Electric Bike?

As well as the chance of theft, electric bikes may also need repairing if anything ever goes wrong with them, which is another good reason to have insurance. The cover you will need will depend on who you are, where you keep your bike and where you take it. This is because the cover is similar to car insurance, which means that each policy will vary from one insurer to the next.

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