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Cycle to Work Scheme Explained

Many of our customers are surprised when they hear they can get an e-bike on a cycle to work scheme. They shouldn’t be because as all electric bike owners know, it’s pretty much the same as riding an original bicycle, just loads more fun! For any who’s interested in getting an e-bike on a cycle to work scheme with put together this nice and simple info graphic to help explain the process… Cycle to Work Scheme How it works Electric…

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Can Electric Bikes Improve Fitness?

Electric bikes have helped many thousands of people to boost their fitness levels and maintain a healthier lifestyle, but there are still naysayers who attempt to argue that it’s all too tempting to simply flick a switch and coast along at speed. Is there truth to this claim, or are cycling purists trying to stain e-bikes for all of us? Let’s take a look at some of the evidence.

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Enjoy Family Cycling with Electric Bikes

There is a common misconception that cycling is the preserve of the young, fit and healthy; those who are quite happy to spend one day hurtling down country lanes on a road bike, then the next tackling gritty trails on a mountain bike. But electric bikes are helping to dispel this myth and make cycling an enjoyable group activity for all the family.

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