Beat the congestion during UK London Olympics!

Here at Electric Bike Store, London Bridge we’ve really noticed the increase in people and traffic around London already! Luckily, we all come to work on our electric bikes, so have no problems getting in and around London. As the London Olympics gets into full swing the traffic and business is only going to increase, so we thought it might be useful to add this page highlighting issues and solutions to getting around during the London 2012 Olympics!

Travel advice during the London Olympics
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Problems Getting around London during the Olympics

Increased traffic on roads and road closures

UK and London roads will see sharp increases in traffic during the Olympics and a number of road closures are planned. It is fair to say driving around London during the Olympics will be stressful, time consuming and at times confusing. Get Ahead of the Games have produced a very useful online tool to help assess the impact on the roads around UK and London throughout the games: Predicted impact on London roads tool

Public Transport, Congestion, Delays and Disruptions

The London Olympics will see a dramatic rise in people using public transport. This substantial increase is expected to push public transport services to their limit and we are likely to see more overcrowding, delays and disruption than usual.

Solutions to Getting around London during the Olympics

Stay at Home

One of the solutions recommended by the British government is to work from home. This is probably sensible advice but is likely to be impractical for most people working in London.

Adjust travel plans

It’s also recommended to re-plan and adjust traveling times and routes. Again this is good advice, but will probably take some trial and error to get right and is obviously, still pretty inconvenient for most people.

Buy or Hire an Electric bike

Electric bikes give you the freedom to get around London and offer a great deal of other benefits including:

50+ miles on one full battery charge

Less than 3p per battery charge

No traffic jams, public transport queues and overcrowding

There are so many great reasons why electric bikes are the best solution for traveling around London, not just during the Olympics but all the time! If you want to find out more why not speak to one of our team on 020 7378 4728 or book a test ride.

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