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At the Electric Bike Store we have a real passion about finding and supplying the best electric bikes there is. After testing many bikes from the leading manufacturers, we concluded that the range of VOLT™ electric bikes was the best in terms of innovation, battery power and price.

NEW! VOLT™ Infinity Shimano Steps E-bike

Volt Infinity Shimano Steps

The latest e-bike fitted with the latest technology. This model is the result of a unique partnership between Volt and Shimano. The revolutionary Shimano Steps system offers one of the most sophisticated crank drive motor systems available. Fitted only with the highest spec features, including a new Sony battery the Infinity provides UK customers the best ride yet!

Price: £2599.00 (inc VAT)

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NEW! VOLT™ Infinity II Shimano Steps E-bike

Volt Infinity II Shimano Steps

The latest release from VOLT, the Infinity II is very similar to the Infinity but with a smaller, low crossbar frame. This means that customers who love the Shimano STEPS system but couldn’t quite manage the height of the original Infinity, can now enjoy all the benefits of Shimano STEPS on a smaller frame. Fitted only with the highest spec features.

Price: £2499.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Metro LS Commuter Electric Bike

Volt Metro LS Commuter Electric Bike

Based on the Metro, the VOLT™ Metro LS is smaller and lighter with a drop-down frame. It’s designed to be more convenient for the petite rider. Like it’s sister bike, it’s popular with people who commute to work and those who like to cycle when on holiday. It’s still fitted with all the high-end components and features found on the Metro.

Price:  £1299.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Metro Folding Electric Bike

Volt Metro Folding Electric BikeAvailable colours: Volt Metro Options

The VOLT™ Metro is a popular folding electric bike. It goes down particularly well with commuters and those who like to take bikes with them on holiday. When folded down it’s very compact and can be conveniently stored in small spaces or even in the boot of a car. It’s available in a black or white frame and can achieve distances of 50+ miles on just one charge.

Price:  £1249.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Metro Colour Folding Electric Bike

Volt Metro Colour Folding Electric BikeAvailable colours: Volt Metro Colour Options

Slightly larger than the Metro LS, the Metro is a multifaceted foldable e-bike that accommodates a wide range of riders. To date, it is one of the most popular electric bikes in our range.

Price:  £1249.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Kensington Step Through Electric Bicycle

Volt Kensington Step Through Electric BikeAvailable colours: Kensington Colour Options

This electric bicycle has been a best seller since we began stocking it. The VOLT™ Kensington is one of VOLT™’s latest releases and it’s a stunner. The frame is similar to the popular Burlington but a little smaller and lighter which makes this e-bike even more convenient and enjoyable to ride!

Price:  £1459.00 (inc VAT)

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NEW! Wallerang M.01 Smartbike

Wallerang M.01 Smartbike

New Smartbike with Modular Travel System from Wallerang. Winner at Eurobike best e-bike category 2015, this bike offers a unique fusion between the best in Swedish design combined with the best in Japanese technology. Like the Infinity, the M.01 features the sophisticated Shimano Steps drive system.

Price: £2999.00 (inc VAT)

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NEW! Wallerang M.01x Smartbike

Wallerang M.01x Smartbike

Combining Scandanavian design with Japanese technology, the Wallerang M.01X is an evolution from the original M.01 Smartbike. The M.01X however features front fork Rock Shox air suspension. Utilising the sophisticated and greatly celebrated Shimano STEPS system this next generation e-bike offers an exceptional riding experience.

Price: £3299.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Continental Electric Road Bike

Volt Continental Electric Road Bike

This is an electric road bike that not only turns heads but is a power house too. The Super High Torque motor means you can tackle the toughest of hills without breaking a sweat! It’s unique frame design is the only one of it’s kind in the UK and rides like a dream. Fitted with high specification components, the VOLT™ Continental is guaranteed to impress.

Price:  £1549.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Alpine X Mountain Electric Bike

Volt Alpine X Electric Bike

This is a favourite with Electric Bike Store staff. It’s sup’d up to max and can handle the toughest terrains and steepest climbs. The high-powered, state-of-the-art battery can take you to a whopping 80+ miles. It’s available in a matt black or white finish, comes with the highest spec features, including RST suspension forks which can locked-in or locked-out at the click of a button.

Price:  £1999.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Pulse X Hybrid Electric Bike

Volt Pulse X Hybrid Electric Bike

This is the big brother of the Pulse, well actually it’s the same size, but performance wise it bigger and better. A Super High Torque Bafang Motor ensures anyone on this e-bike can take on any hill or ascent. The advanced and high capacity battery can achieve distances of 80+ miles. It’s the perfect bike for cyclists who enjoy riding a variety of terrain.

Price:  £1999.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Pulse Hybrid Electric Bike

Volt Pulse Hybrid Electric Bike

One of our best selling electric bikes the VOLT™ Pulse Hybrid is the perfect bike for those who like to cycle over a mix of terrain and road surfaces. This Hybrid ebike offers unrivalled performance over roads, country tracks and light off road routes. It’s an outstanding combination of good design, comfort and high performance.

Price:  £1499.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Burlington Electric Bike

Volt Burlington Electric Bike

A great looking and very popular classic looking electric bicycle. Modelled on the conventional Dutch style cycle frame, this is an extremely comfortable and enjoyable bike to ride. It’s step-through frame makes it very easy and convenient to hop on and off. Whether you’re in the city or out in the country the VOLT™ Burlington will look good and deliver outstanding performance wherever you ride it.

Price:  £1479.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Alpine Mountain Electric Bike

Volt Alpine Electric Bike

This best selling electric mountain bike is a unique blend of stylish design and tough performance. The VOLT™ Alpine removes the limits of roads and towpaths and allows the rider to cycle through any terrain they want. It’s kitted out with all the high-spec gear you could want and even includes Kevlar lined tyres to avoid punctures.

Price:  £1499.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT™ Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike

Volt Bigfoot Fat Tyre Electric Bike

The elusive and mysterious Big Foot has been sighted…! Our latest creation is here and is a monster of a bike that is certain to get you noticed wherever you ride! Its huge 26 x 4” Kenda off road tyres can traverse any surface including tarmac, mud, sand and snow! With a massive 500W Bafang super High Torque motor it is also very quick and agile, reaching a top motor speed of 23mph.

Price:  £2099.00 (inc VAT)

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Connect Shimano STEPS e-bike from Volt

Connect Shimano STEPS e-bike from Volt

The Connect is our latest model and features the popular Shimano STEPS motor. The Shimano system is the most advanced crank driven electric motor on the market today. This system reads information about how you are riding and delivers power appropriately in real-time, resulting in a ride that feels completely natural.

Price:  £2299.00 (inc VAT)

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The Best Electric Bikes At The Electric Bike StoreThe 2017 collection of electric bikes includes models to suit any type of rider, whether you need it for your daily commute or your trip to the shops. The VOLT™ range have again benefited from advancements in the industry, including improved 36v batteries, lighter frames and maintenance free Bafang motors.
In our range of e bikes we have mountain bikes, smaller bikes which are designed for city use, plus models that can fold away making them ideal for use with public transport. We also have unisex bikes which are equally perfect for men or women or older riders, with a Dutch style frame which makes getting on or off very easy.
Every bike in the VOLT™ range is made with the best parts and components, which is what gives them the edge over other manufacturers. Their high quality lithium-polymer batteries which last for much longer, high quality motors which deliver the power quickly when you need it, and lightweight frames and parts which ensure optimum performance with every use.
We know we have the best electric bikes, but if you don’t believe us then come and try any of our bikes at one of our traffic-free test tracks in London or any of our UK dealerships, where one of our experienced staff will demonstrate any of our bikes to you and answer any of your questions.