Shun Expensive Travelcards and Train Tickets for Electric Bikes

train ticket

The rise in The cost of commuting by public transport is well-documented – especially in the capital. Thecost of an annual Travelcard for Zones 1-2 in London is an astronomical £1,104, and the congestion charge against cars and other vehicles put commuters off driving many years ago. With transport prices rising across the entire country, how can employees travel to work without breaking the bank?

The answer has wheels and a motor, but it doesn’t incur any form of charge and it costs around 10p per mile to run. Electric bikes are growing in popularity with commuters across the country who prize them for their convenience and, most importantly, their budget-friendly status. Riding to work on an electric bike can cut out a myriad of costs, from Travelcards to petrol – and that’s before the health benefits are taken into consideration.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Electric Pedal Power in the Urban Jungle

If you are a fan of pedal power or like to keep up with the latest travel and technology, you’ve more than likely heard about the buzz surrounding electric bikes. As the name suggests, they are powered by an electric motor which makes pedaling faster, easier and more enjoyable. But there’s much more to these alternative modes of transport than meets the eye. Here’s our top five reasons why we think you’ll prefer riding ebikes…

Image of the urban jungle with a message of top 5 benefits

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