Kensington test ride video, London

One of the team here at Electric Bike Store loves his new iPhone 6 – Every opportunity he gets he’s demonstrating this app or that feature, it’s non-stop! So we weren’t surprised when he came back with a a slow-mo video from a test ride for a VOLT™ photo-shoot he’d done earlier that day.

Well, we actually quite liked it, so we thought we’d share it with you too…

Discover Award Winning Bikes – Just Not How You Know Them!

If you’re looking for Britain’s best electric bikes at unbeatable prices, it’s time to move away from pedal power and consider something with a little more va va voom. Because we are a company that exclusively retails VOLT™ models, Electric Bike Store cyclists know that they are getting the very best in bicycle design coupled with the very latest in exclusive transport technology for a fusion that is altogether more powerful.

Best UK Bike Rides, guys cycling along a contry side path

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The “Class Leaders” of Electric Bikes

If you watch Planet of the Apps you might have already seen the Volt ™ Alpine and Metro make a star appearance.

For those unfamiliar with Planet of the Apps, it’s a TV show that features on 24 hour gaming channel GINX TV. The 30 minute show looks at how technology can and is changing and shaping our lives.

In this particular episode Planet of the Apps looks at alternative means of transport, enter stage:
Volt ™ Alpine and Metro…

Did you hear them describe the Volt ™ ebikes as “leaders in class”?!

Why not see for yourself? Check out the Volt ™ Alpine and the Volt ™ Metro at the Electric Bike Store why not arrange a test ride while you’re here too!

2013 Another Great Year for Electric Bikes

2013 is looking like another great year for manufacturers and sellers of electric bikes. Last year we saw record sales at the Electric Bike Store and we believe it is largely down to increasing public awareness of electric bikes and a general improvement in the quality, style and availability of them. The electric bike industry is evolving and improving.

When you look at electric bikes from just a few years ago, there wasn’t much thought that went into them. This meant they had a niche appeal and a limited audience. Heavy batteries, clunky frames and very little style all made for a look that was a little "do it yourself".

On the other end of the spectrum we had some high end concept electric bikes which wouldn’t be out of place in H.G Wells’ War of the Worlds and cost more than a sports car!

Concept Electric Bike
Audi concept electric bike

The UK and the world were crying out for something in between these two extremes. Thanks to electric bike manufacturers and brands like Volt; electric bicycles are breaking into the mainstream and 2013 is poised to see another huge increase in e-bike riders. The batteries are now smaller, lighter and perform better. The designs are as important as the technology with slick looks and copious amounts of style. The controller technologies have moved forward giving better performance and more distance out of each charge.

Now we have electric bikes that look better than conventional bicycles! It all makes for a very exciting year!

Our range of 2013 electric bicycles are in stock now. See our best electric bikes 2013 range here.

Volt Apline

UK Folding Electric Bike Video Demo

Volt Metro Electric Bike Demo Vid…

Check out our new vid demonstrating how awesome the Volt Metro folding electric bike really is! See us whizzing around London and while demoing some of this electric bike’s key features…

Read more on electric folding bikes here

For more information or to arrange a test ride please visit Volt Metro Folding Electric Bike.

Electric Bikes on BBC

Last nights episode of BBC1’s Countryfile was set in the Cotswolds, where presenter Matt Baker test rode an electric bike. Testing the electric bike out while accepting a challenge to race against the local bicycle club. Needless to say he won this challenge by some considerable distance!

As Matt Baker eased ahead of the cycling club on his electric bike it was clear that he was enjoying himself and while they waited at the finish post for the stragglers to catch up, he went over some of the benefits of electric bikes and why the UK has seen a big increase in electric bike popularity.

The benefits of an electric bike in rural hilly areas are obvious, but don’t be fooled more and more ebikes are appearing in our cities, especially on the streets of London. With this in mind we decided to ask some London based Electric Bike Store customers why they chose their electric bike specifically for London…


I like to be as active as possible, but I also don’t like getting to work all sweaty, with my electric bike I have an effortless ride into work and when I go home I just turn off the pedal assist and go for it!- Kevin Hudson, Clapham

I am recovering from a serious health condition, I have to exercise to help recover but anything too strenuous could cause a relapse, so the electric bike is the perfect solution for me, it’s really nice to be exercising outside too!
– Anonymous, Brentford

I just love whizzing past people so easily on it! I think the fast acceleration makes it safer on the London roads too.
– Simon Steer, Bethnal Green

Somehow riding electric bikes seems more leisurely and enjoyable, for me at least. – Emma Coler, Tooting

View Electric bikes on Countryfile

You can also see some customer electric bike reviews here



New Volt Metro Folding Electric Bike

 The Electric Bike Store is pleased to announce the UK launch of the new updated Volt Metro Folding Electric Bike which combines both ease of use with good looks and reliability to deliver a fantastic rider experience.

Boasting an excellent 36V Lithium Polymer battery combined with an industry leading 250W maintenance free Bafang motor, the Volt Metro is capable of speeds of up to 15.5mph which is perfect for beating those traffic jams and climbing those steep hills!

It’s even been fitted with an easy to use thumb throttle which means that if tiredness really kicks in you can stop pedaling and just use the throttle to power you to your destination.

A simple to use folding frame allows the Volt Metro to be folded so it can fit inside almost any car boot as well as allowing it to be taken on nearly all forms of public transport.

This is a truly impressive bike at an excellent price. Ride it away today for only £999.

If you’re interested in finding out more please call one of our experts on 0207 378 4728.

Latest Volt Electric Bike Range arrives at the Electric Bike Store…

We’re delighted to unveil the new 2012 electric bike range from Volt UK manufacturers! You can book a test ride from today!

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