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The “Class Leaders” of Electric Bikes

If you watch Planet of the Apps you might have already seen the Volt ™ Alpine and Metro make a star appearance. For those unfamiliar with Planet of the Apps, it’s a TV show that features on 24 hour gaming channel GINX TV. The 30 minute show looks at how technology can and is changing and shaping our lives. In this particular episode Planet of the Apps looks at alternative means of transport, enter stage: Volt ™ Alpine and Metro……

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LBC Radio talk Electric Bikes with Electric Bike Store

If you live in London you may have already heard about Boris Johnson’s plans to spark an “electric bike revolution”. Next year the Mayor of London plans to expand his already successful bike hire scheme by introducing e-bikes into the hillier parts of London. Earmarked areas include Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Alexandra Palace, with a base station at Finsbury Park Tube. ‘Boris bike’ style docking stations in these areas will also serve as electric charging points for the bikes.…

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Volt Pulse in Electric Bike Magazine

Yet another publication featuring and reviewing one of our best selling electric bikes: the Volt Pulse. This month the Electric Bike Magazine (Issue 5) puts the Volt Pulse hibrid electric bike through it’s paces. As usual there’s high praise for this popular electric bike. “A smartly turned out electric bike“ “The volt was an easy bike to use. As electric bikes go it’s not heavy…“ See what the fuss is about and arrange a free test ride today! Read Electric…

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