Electric Bike Service & Repair

Servicing and repairing your Volt™ electric bike is much the same as what you would expect to have to do for a conventional push bike. Full details of how to maintain and service your electric bike are included in the comprehensive manual that you receive with your Volt™ electric bike.

As you would expect tyres, chains, brakes and gears will require attention from time to time, however, as these parts are the same as those used on conventional push bikes they can easily be maintained by any bike shop. The 250W electric motors that the Volt™ bikes use are designed to be maintenance free as are the batteries.

For additional peace of mind all Volt™ bikes come with a comprehensive two year warranty covering the battery and all mechanical and electrical components. This comprehensive warranty gives you peace of mind that these core components are guaranteed against failure. For further details please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

The Electric Bike Store will be happy to service and maintain your Volt™ electric bike for you at our London Bridge store.

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