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Electric Bike Store Urges Over-50s To Trade Bus Passes for Bikes as Councils Scrap Public Transport Services

Press Release 9th Sep 2014


As governments and councils across the country ramp up their efforts to scrap public transport services for elderly residents, a leading provider of electric bikes is urging the over-50s to hop on a bicycle the next time they want to get from A to B. Swapping crowded public transport for pedals at their feet and the wind in their hair can provide a myriad of health benefits for older people, as well as allowing them to travel and live independently well into their retirement.

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Electric Bike Store is a premium retailer of sought-after e-bikes , which have a built-in motor that is perfect for propelling older cyclists along. With councils cutting vital bus links and specialist transport services in locations like Bolton, Banbury, Yeovil and Shropshire, there’s never been a better time for older people to invest in an electric bike that will help them hold onto their independence for longer.

Free bus passes, travelcards and specialist transport services were seen as a real perk of hitting retirement age, but with councils preaching austerity and slashing budgets, many of these perks are being cruelly removed, leaving older people in the lurch when it comes to travelling. E-bikes are now seen as the premier way to travel for those who have had their bus passes revoked – they can be used a regular pushbikes for those who want to keep fit, but if riders get tired or simply want to power home faster, they can flick a switch and be propelled along with the help of the 250-watt built-in motor.

Though many younger people dismiss electric bikes as something of a mockery of regular cycling, e-bikes are ideal for older people that perhaps cannot manage steep inclines or long distances but still want to enjoy the thrill of hitting the road on two wheels.

Piers Metcalfe, of Electric Bike Store says, “The government’s cuts to public transport services have caused uproar in many areas of the country, with protests in the cities of Sheffield and Leeds that have seen thousands take to the street. Giving elderly people the ability to travel independently is something many people feel strongly about – including us here at Electric Bike Store. Our range of e-bikes are perfect for older people who want to trade in their bus pass for two wheels.
The bikes come in a range of models that suit all cycling abilities, so whether they’re a new cyclist or an old amateur, we’ll have the bike that will give older people the freedom of the road. As they say – you never forget how to ride one!”

As well as being the perfect alternative to the unreliable public transport services, electric bikes offer a great way to stay fit and healthy. Cycling is great for cardiovascular health and can increase stamina, improve muscle tone and even boost brainpower – all crucial factors in the health of the elderly or retired.

All of the bikes available from Electric Bike Store come with a range of high-quality features that ensure a comfortable and safe ride. From disc brakes which give the rider total control over stopping distances, to batteries that can last for up to 80 miles, the store has the bike that will meet the needs of any older rider.

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