ETA cycle insurance provider

If the worst happens and your new cycle is stolen or is damaged due to an accident, it is important to make sure you are covered. That’s why The Electric Bike Store has teamed up with the ETA, a market leading cycle insurer, to create tailor-made insurance for your Volt Electric bike.

What ETA cycle insurance covers

Free Cycle Rescue

Unlike other cycle insurers the ETA include a free breakdown and recovery service as standard. If you are to breakdown, their recovery team will try and fix your cycle by the roadside. If irreparable at the scene, your cycle will be taken to the nearest garage for repairs so you can complete your journey.

Covers theft, vandalism and accidental damage

If your cycle is stolen or vandalised, there is no need to worry. The ETA offers a new for old replacement on any damaged or stolen cycles. Accidental damage is also covered should you unintentionally damage your cycle.

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Accident cover should the worst happen

Third party cover worth up to £1,000,000 is included – just in case you accidently scratch that expensive parked car. As well as personal accident cover for up to £20,000 should you be injured or involved in an accident.

Accident help line
The ETA has an accident helpline that offers legal advice if you have been involved in an incident whilst out on your cycle. Whether you’ve suffered a serious injury or simply damaged your cycle, they will arrange advice and representation from a lawyer that will take legal action if appropriate.

Other Benefits

ETA cycle insurance also includes: European cover for up to 60 days and worldwide cover for up to 90 days. Up to 40% no claims discount when you reinsure and free competition/racing cover.