Electric Bike Review – VOLT™ Pulse Hybrid

Volt Pulse

This all rounder electric bike from VOLT™ offers its riders great flexibility, with easy bike riding over both cross-country and urban terrain. Its Lightweight Lithium Polymer battery provides long distance endurance, boasting over 50 miles on one charge.

The LCD display system is easy to use and allows quick control over the motorised pedal assistance, This is particularly good if the terrain you’re riding the electric bike over is varied. There are 6 pedal assist settings (more than ample), while an effortless twist on the handlebar grip will power the e-bike independently, removing any need for pedaling. The LCD display also shows you the battery status as well as the speed in which the bike is traveling at, which is always a nice feature!
Volt pulse front
This hybrid electric bike is made up of high quality and well trusted components and a lot are recognisable from traditional mountain and hybrid bikes produced by the big manufacturers. 8-speed Shimano gears offer enough flexibility to go cross-country and urban terrain.

Other reassuringly recognisable components on this e-bike include the RST suspension, sufficiently reducing those sudden hard jolts that occur as you hit bumps be it pot holes, curbs, roots, logs or mole hills! And the Tetra disc brake system provides the long lasting powerful and efficient braking that cyclists have come to expect.

For someone who doesn’t want to be inhibited where they ride an electric bike, this is certainly a good shout. It handles great over all terrain and offers sophisiticated use through simple application, so you can just enjoy the ride! – The testing team here certainly did!


out of the city with the Volt Pulse

We let Alan Davies in Richmond, Middlesex take the VOLT™ Pulse hybrid electric bike out and put it through its paces. Here’s what he had to say:

“I took the VOLT™ Pulse through the town centre, up the hill and into the park (Richmond Park) I have to confess I loved using the throttle to help get me up that steep hill! I’m not an enthusiast so please forgive my technical ignorance but everything seemed to work really well. The breaks were sharp, gears smooth and the use of the pedal assist was easier to get the hang of than I was expecting! It was a thoroughly enjoyable ride!”


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