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Volt Savile
Volt Savile Volt Savile Review

This undeniably stylish gents electric bike is designed for the urban and suburban e-bike rider. Providing a smooth and easy ride through cities and towns over the UK. This is a flagship electric bike for Volt and comes with high spec features including a classy looking, British made (always nice) Brooks saddle.

The Volt Savile is bike certainly a smooth ride, I was impressed as I took the electric bike through its paces around the city. I have to admit a feeling of smugness as I effortlessly passed suited gents on their expensive fold up bikes! Some features of the Volt Savile are similar to the Volt Pulse with same sophisticated pedal assist system and LCD display as well as the same high spec motor and electric battery, as the saying goes: ‘if something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it’ and there is certainly nothing to fix in the motor and battery department! After an hours e-bike cycling with a generous usage of motor assistance and the odd thrust on the grip accelerator, the battery status was still full, in fact Volt boast the Savile electric bike can reach up to 50 plus mile on just one charge…

This subtle but attractive electric bike is a very enjoyable ride. The battery is remarkably discreet which makes it all the sweeter as you pass other commuters with the ease of the pedal assist function, which can be easily adjusted depending on how you want to ride the e-bike! For subtle but sophisticated riding this is the electric bike for you!

We got ‘city gent’ Mark Langley to put the Volt Savile Electric bike to the test:

I’ve been thinking of getting an electric bike for a while now but have always thought the designs are a bit cumbersome. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Volt Savile. As I’d kept putting the idea off, this was the first time I’d actually got on an electric bike and I loved it! Really enjoyed racing around town on this bike so easily! I didn’t want to get off! It wasn’t as complicated as thought and it handled very nicely.

I was so taken with this e-bike I ended up buying the Electric Bike Store gentleman’s offer which included Brooks Brick Lane Panniers for my work docs, Brooks Rain Cape which looks great and very useful in London, Trelock Bike Lock, and some Brooks leather trouser straps. I couldn’t be more pleased with my new electric bike!

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