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Electric Bikes on BBC

Last nights episode of BBC1’s Countryfile was set in the Cotswolds, where presenter Matt Baker test rode an electric bike. Testing the electric bike out while accepting a challenge to race against the local bicycle club. Needless to say he won this challenge by some considerable distance!

As Matt Baker eased ahead of the cycling club on his electric bike it was clear that he was enjoying himself and while they waited at the finish post for the stragglers to catch up, he went over some of the benefits of electric bikes and why the UK has seen a big increase in electric bike popularity.

The benefits of an electric bike in rural hilly areas are obvious, but don’t be fooled more and more ebikes are appearing in our cities, especially on the streets of London. With this in mind we decided to ask some London based Electric Bike Store customers why they chose their electric bike specifically for London…

I like to be as active as possible, but I also don’t like getting to work all sweaty, with my electric bike I have an effortless ride into work and when I go home I just turn off the pedal assist and go for it!- Kevin Hudson, Clapham

I am recovering from a serious health condition, I have to exercise to help recover but anything too strenuous could cause a relapse, so the electric bike is the perfect solution for me, it’s really nice to be exercising outside too!
– Anonymous, Brentford

I just love whizzing past people so easily on it! I think the fast acceleration makes it safer on the London roads too.
– Simon Steer, Bethnal Green

Somehow riding electric bikes seems more leisurely and enjoyable, for me at least. – Emma Coler, Tooting

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