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City and Commuter E-bikes

Designed specifically with the commuter in mind these electric bikes by Volt offer great manoeuvrability and are perfect for zipping around town!


VOLT™ Metro LS Folding Electric Bike

VOLT™ Metro LS

£1,299.00 (inc VAT)


VOLT™ Metro Colour Folding Electric Bike

VOLT™ Metro Colour

£1,149.00 (inc VAT)


VOLT™ Metro Folding Electric Bike

VOLT™ Metro

£1,299.00 (inc VAT)



City/Commuter Electric Bikes

Gain the freedom of the city with one our specialist commuter and city e-bikes. With more cars on the road than ever before, more public transport disruption, whether it’s strikes, technical problems or simply over crowding. Despite all these problems the cost of commuting still goes up and up! There has never been a more appropriate time to ditch the conventional means of transport and get on an electric bike.

Our City and Commuter range of e-bikes are all designed to get you around the city and/or into work quickly, effortlessly, safely and with a touch of class. Get to work stress free and sweat free as you commute into work with ease. Our commuter e-bikes are made to be light-weight and compact, allowing easy storage and maneuverability.

There are two models available in this range. The first is the the VOLT™ Metro, this is one of VOLT™’s best selling electric bikes, it is popular with commuters, caravaners and people who like to generally bike around town. As it is folding it means people can also take it with them on trains, metros and the London Tube which is another reason why this bike so popular.

The popularity of the Metro led to VOLT™ developing a new Commuter and City electric bike called the Metro LS. This bike is lighter and more compact than the standard Metro it also comes with a smaller battery too. It’s perfect for riders who just want to zip around town or take their e-bike on public transport or with them in the car for holidays etc.

These electric bikes are great fun to ride and the most convenient to store and transport. Call 020 7378 4728 to arrange a test ride and discover how much fun you could be having riding around the city and commuting to work!


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