Volt Metro

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Volt Metro

36V Standard 504Wh (up to 50 Miles)

  • Up to 50 Miles on one charge*
  • Shimano Acera – Seatpost ZOOM
  • Weight: 19.5kg
  • 250 Watt SpinTech™ Motor
  • Max Rider Weight: 100kg**
  • 2 Years Peace of Mind Warranty
  • Free UK Delivery to Local Assembly Point

The Metro folding electric bike is the optimal choice for many riders, from city commuters who like to mix and match their journey to travellers who like to take their bike with them. The Metro folds up conveniently to fit into any van, train or car.

Weighing just 18.5kg*, this is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market today. Quality of build is particularly important for folding e-bikes and the Metro is constructed to the highest standard. From front suspension forks to the Velo plush saddle and seat post suspension the Metro is made up of the best components available. Even though it is a compact little bike, the height-adjustable saddle and handlebars give flexibility of riding position to suit riders of all sizes.

The 250 watt SpinTech™ motor combined with such a lightweight bike results in a very nippy (not to mention stylish) way to get around! The Panasonic lithium battery has a single-charge range of up to 50 miles and at just 6p to fully charge the battery it certainly beats trains, buses and cars as an economical and eco-friendly mode of transport. With 5 pedal assist options for varying power levels, the Metro is perfect for zipping through the city streets or country lanes.


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Model: Volt Metro

LCD Display Four speed display with throttle system
Frame Lightweight Aluminium, 6061 T6
Folded size L: 33” x W: 18” x H: 30”
Weight 19.5 kg without batteries / 22.4 or 22.8 kg with battery
Max weight (rider+luggage) Max 100 kg
Frame size 16 inches
Wheel size 20 inches x 1.75
Chain KMC
Wheels Aluminium: AV width: 100 mm – rear: 135 mm
Tyres Kenda Puncture Resistant
Seat Velo Sport Comfort Saddle
Seat Post Zoom
Gears Shimano 8 Speed Acera
Brakes, front / rear Tektro Hydraulic Brakes
Lights Dutch Spaninga Front and rear LED (battery powered)
Forks SR suntour
Motor Features
Motor 250 Watt SpinTech™ Motor
Max Speed With electrical assistance: 15.5 mph or 25 kmh
Location of motor In the rear wheel hub
Battery Type Panasonic Lithium Polymer
Battery weight 2.9 kg or 3.3 kg
Power 36V Standard (504Wh) or 36V X-Large (630Wh)
Distance Up to 50 miles under the PAS (depends on level of assistance)
Lifetime 1000 charge-discharge cycles
Charge time 3 to 4 hours

Reviews of the Volt Metro


Ian Parr – Rating:

After extensive research and reviews I chose to buy the Volt Metro electric bike in Black from the Electric bike store.
There are of course many other makes and models on offer, but none combined the looks, quality and up- market features on the volt bike.
Before making a decision I arranged test drives on several bikes, but the quality of ride, ease of use and sheer pleasure offered by the Metro was never matched. The bike feels solid but light to handle, there are no rattles or noisy gear shifts. The brakes have just the right blend of confidence and feel and the nice features of integrated computer, Velo comfort seat, up-market gears and brake levers makes the bike feel very special.
On the first outing with a fully charged battery I covered over 30 miles of hilly terrain with battery capacity to spare. Not bad considering I am 14 stone and I was not being careful on power usage. The ride also included several top speed dashes up long hills as a test.
The Electric bike store were very knowledgeable and helpful, despite me calling several times for more information, and when I finally made the decision to buy, the bike was despatched the same day to my local dealer. I was up and away the very next day.
My only criticism of the bike is the kilometre only readout on the computer.
Would recommend it to anyone!!

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Michael Yates – Rating:

We bought two Volt Metro bikes a couple of months ago having decided our cycling days were almost over – at least on hilly routes. We are both over 70 now. Our Volt bikes have given us a new lease of life – once the ordnance survey map had to be scrutinised to avoid close contours, now we can cope with anything. We have not yet exceeded twenty miles on any trip and so far have not used a single “block” on the battery indicator – so the range of 40+ miles is more than achievable. Cannot fault the bikes – they look good and perform accordingly.
As far as the Electric Bike Store is concerned – they have been excellent, especially Lyle Metcalfe who will go that proverbial extra mile.
Can highly recommend both the Volt Metro and the Electric Bike Store.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Roger – Rating:

Excellent purchase (Volt Metro) – impressed with the quality of the components and the purchase process. Only slight problem was that it didn’t come with a manual but excellent response from the Customer Services team who emailed a pdf copy straight away.
Bought on the recommendation of my brother who has a similar bike and it seem that Volt have put some small incremental improvements onto my bike eg properly waterproofed cable connectors and stainless bolts etc

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Mrs C Ellison – Rating:

I ordered my Volt Metro ebike direct from Volt as there was’nt any shops that stocked them near to where i live, i did have to wait several weeks for it as it was out of stock but when it arrived to my home i was very pleased with it, i think it is a cracking bike and can’t fault it at all.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

R. Hatton – Rating:

Purchased the Volt Metro bike from “The Bike Shop” in Arnold, Nottingham. Have had the bike for the past 3 months and have been very pleased with its performance. It looks as is very sturdy and looks as though quality parts have been used. The bike is easy to fold-up and although a little heavy to lift with the battery on it is still manageable. I bought the Volt after reading reviews and also a electric fold-up cycle was required to fit in a small space in our camper van. Overall I am happy with the purchase. I was very pleased with the staff at the Arnold bike shop as they spent time advising as to the working/instructions of the Volt Metro. A free check-up/service after 6 weeks. Only one small “niggle” is that a strap or other securing method should be included as when the bike is folded, (very easy) you need 2 hands to pick it up and keep it from trying to open. I have resorted to using a “bungy” cord to stop it from opening

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Lesley Moore – Rating:

I bought a Metro folding bike and well pleased with the excellent build quality and nice looking modern lines.Bike came with extremely comfortable saddle and decent lights,which is not applicable to other makes.Easy to operate and does pretty well the mileage as described.But the only let down is a minor point—the manual describes mode display with different symbols.Not a big deal as you can work out the relevant mode displayed.Nice and comfortable bike to ride and was worth the money as it seems to be an excellent product.I would , and have recommended it to other people.

To read full review or others: Google Reviews

Sally Armitt – Rating:

We would definitely recommend the folding e bikes. Since buying them we have enjoyed finding new places to cycle and having the assistance of the motor has been great. They are easy to fold and store in the car. Just needs a little practice getting used to right power level and gears but that doesn’t take long. Looking forwad to taking them to France.

To read full review or others: Google Reviews

Kevin – Rating:

Very good, friendly company with which to deal. My only suggestion is that the Metro fold up bike has bigger gears, as when I’m using assistance level 4, the top gear doesn’t take me much past the assistance level. I can only do about 17/18 mph on the level. A bigger gear would be an improvement. People on ordinary bike go past me. The bike itself is very sturdy and well made, perhaps a little too heavy (48 pounds) It should be possible to make it lighter with modern engineering technology. I’m glad I bought it though. It brings a smile to your face, when the motor kicks in and it should last for years.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Chris – Rating:

I have been had an electric cycle for the past 15 years but it was time that it needed replacing.I purchased my Volt Metro in June 2016 after extensive research into modern e-bikes. Having suspension on the front forks and seat post ensures a comfortable ride. The bike does not rattle over bumps. Good to see the speedo is in MPH and can be programmed to KPH too. I am very pleased with my purchase and recommend anybody looking for a folding electric bike needs look no further.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

E.B.R. – Rating:

I bought my Volt Metro to allow me to put the bike in the boot of my Nissan Micra. This allows me have away days in the surrounding countryside with my friend. I live in the Scottish Borders where the landscape is undulating to say the least! The bike has coped with every hill I’ve gone up. I find I only use level one or two on the motor as I still want to do all of the flat work and some small gradients. When it gets a bit more difficult then the motor gives me a helping hand just like a wee push from behind. Great!
My longest trip so far has been over 36miles which is about the limit of recent previous trips on a pedal only bike. I used to cycle much longer distances but those days are now I distant memory. I’m still trying to gauge the amount of battery I use, taking into consideration the terrain, power level input (electric and leg), use of gears and distance travelled. All in all this bike does all that want from it.
I bought my bike from my local dealer who I have known for several years therefore I cannot make any personal judgment about Volt as a company. I trust my dealer’s relationship with the company.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

*The distances shown on our website are based on real tests under the following conditions:
Rider Weight: 11 Stone (Please note 11 Stone is the weight of the test rider and our e-bikes a capable of carrying riders well over this specified weight)
Controller Speed Setting: low to medium
Riding conditions: warm summer day
Road conditions: tarmacked good condition roads, quite flat terrain
Wind level: low
Rider fitness level: medium
Rider effort: moderate

For more information on electric bike battery care please see the Electric Bike Store's Battery Guide

**Volt stipulate that bike is designed to carry a maximum load of 120 kg including luggage.

If the owner is heavier than the maximum load weight there is a risk that the frame and bike components could wear more quickly or even break.
If the rider exceeds this maximum weight warranties may be treated null and void.

***If the end consumer's eBike is intended for commercial use ( e.g. rental company, messenger service), the warranty period lasts 12 months. Certain warranty exclusions may occur, please discuss with the manufacturer.

****All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only, actual product and specification may vary due to product enhancement.