Electric Bike Battery Distance Guide

The distance your bike can achieve from a fully charged battery is influenced by the following factors:

Total weight of rider and luggage: The bike will achieve longer distances with a lighter overall load.

Addiontal Rider Effort: The distance achievable from the battery can be greatly increased by some gentle effort from the rider.

Road Surface: A better road surface will be more efficient for your electric bike.

Tyre Pressure:By keeping tyres pumped up to the recommended pressure you can add miles to your batteries range.

Outside temperature:All batteries are effected by air temperature and on a nice summers day you can expect to achieve about 15-20% more range than in freezing conditions.

Stop / Starting: if you are constantly stopping and starting, the battery uses more power accelerating than if you are on a continuous ride at a steady speed.

Wind resistance: wind can be a great influencing factor, our electric bikes will easily plough through wind, but if you turn the power assistance off you will soon see how much effort they are putting in.

Hills: We all know how hard it is to cycle up a steep hill. The bike uses more battery power pulling you up a hill than it does cruising along a level road.

Throttle: The throttle is a great addition to any electric bike. It allows you to accelerate from a lower power setting for overtaking. It also lets you to sit back, relax and cruise with no need to pedal. But using the throttle only to ride your bike does use more power than using PAS.

Age of battery: as the battery ages, it loses it’s abilty to hold charge as well as it did when new. An aged battery will not take you as far as a new one. Our batteries are all Lithium Polymer which are deemed the best for longetivity and the best for electric bikes.

* By riding your electric bike with all the conditions above against you, the range of your battery could be reduced by 50%.

Actual Distances achieved from our own tests:

36V Standard – up to 60 Miles

36V Standard (Shimano STEPS) – 70 Miles

36V Large – up to 80 Miles


The distance your bike can achieve from a fully charged battery is influenced by the following factors:

   Rider Weight: 11 Stone
   Controller Speed Setting: low to medium
   Riding conditions: warm summer day
   Road conditions: tarmacked good condition roads, quite flat terrain
   Wind level: low
   Rider fitness level: medium
   Rider effort: moderate

The distance your bike can achieve from a fully charged battery is influenced by the following factors:

   It is essential to care for your battery to get the longest life from it.

   The batteries that are used on the VOLT™ range of electric bikes are the latest Lithium Polymer batteries available thus ensuring you get the maximum performance from your bike.

   It is essential to care for your battery properly to achieve the maximum potential from it. By not caring for your battery you will reduce its life expectancy and you may also invalidate its warranty.


Battery Maintainence::

   Never leave your battery completely drained for more than 12 hours. The battery has a protection system in-built to prevent complete depletion, but if the battery is left for prolonged periods after the battery has indicated it is empty, the battery can suffer irreparable damage to cells.

   Charge your battery whenever possible, even after short journeys. It’s good to keep topping it up.

   For long periods of storage keep the battery about two thirds full and every couple of months give it a charge for about 2 hours.

   Never use a charger from another battery, only use the Volt charger supplied with the bike. If you lose your charger or need a spare, we keep plenty in stock.

   Keep your battery in a dry room

   For best results from your battery you should keep it inside at room temperature.