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10 Reasons You Should Commute on an Electric Bike

It’s fair to say the commuters of Southern Railways are having a miserable time right now. If you’re a well seasoned commuter you’ll be well used to strike action, engineering works and all those spontaneous delays be it due to weather, staff shortages or trespassers on the railways!

On top of the all too frequent delays, in 2017 UK train prices are set to increase by 2.3%. It seems there has never been a better time to exchange your train ticket for two wheels.

Those wanting to commute on two wheels in London will also welcome London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s pledge to make cycling the “safe and obvious” transport choice for all Londoners with a record £770m investment into cycling initiatives throughout the city.

Here’s our top ten reasons why we think people should consider an e-bike for their daily commute…

1) Save time – If you live in the city there is a huge chance its faster to cycle. Not only is there  most cities employ traffic calming measures that limit automobile traffic to 10 mph.

2) Save money –  How much money? According to cycle scheme you could potentially save up to £1,175 per year! Visit Cycle schemes calculator to get an accurate estimate of what you could save.

3) Sleep better – As little as ten minutes of cardiovascular exercise such as walking or cycling will significantly increase quality of sleep, especially if done on a regular basis.

4) Stay sharp – Improving your cardio by as little as 5% can result in a 15% higher score on I.Q. tests and 25 minutes of exercise boosts at least one measure of creative thinking! Cardio exercise causes the growth of new neurons in the hippo campus at a rate close to double that of being sedentary.

5) Get some fresh air – Kings College London, and Camden Council, came together to execute an experiment to determine the level of air pollution travellers are exposed to. Air pollution detectors were fitted to one person driving a car, one on a bus, one on foot and one on a bike on a busy route across central London.
In the experiment the cyclist’s journey was not only the quickest, they were exposed to much lower pollution levels than all other journeys, as fumes were able to disperse as they rode along.

6) Stay forever young – Collagen is magical stuff, it gives our skin strength and elasticity helping it repair skin cells and prevent wrinkles. Over time your body naturally produces less of it. The good news is cycling counteracts this and boosts your bodies production of collagen!

7) Improve your health & fitness – Cycling is a great way to help stay in shape or begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle! It’s a low impact type of exercise meaning it is not as hard on your joints as running.

8) Make your commute more interesting – Bored of the same old commute? Mix it up! Never run towards a closing train door again!

9) Enjoy a sweat free journey to work  – In the rush hour public transport can be sweaty, sticky and smelly. Cycling can also be sweaty and stressful but with an e-bike you can arrive to work fresh faced and ready to work

10) Have more fun on your daily commute – Using an electric bike for your journey to and from work gives you the best of both worlds. It brings a freedom that no other mode  of transport can offer. Enjoy faster, less stressful travel with the freedom to go wherever you want at the pace you want. Discover how much fun you could be having and book a test ride today.




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