The Electric Bike store in 2017

Each year the electric bike industry makes significant improvements in design and technology. As electric bikes secure their place in the cycling world they are quickly being taken up by people from all walks of life, early adopters who are looking to ease their commute, ex-cyclists who now may need a little help to be able to enjoy their hobby again and then there’s the modern outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in a new kind of rush and pushing themselves further than ever before!

In 2017 Electric Bike Store will be committed to sourcing and stocking the best electric bikes available in the U.K. In the next year we will be stocking up on the VOLT METRO COLOUR a limited edition METRO folding ebike in a vast variety of exciting colours. Then there’s arguably the exact opposite! The adrenaline junkies favourite fat tire bike the BIGFOOT!

But there’s more! In 2017 we are going to bring in two brand new and exciting electric bikes to our London showroom. The new SHIMANO STEPS folding bike that boasts 8 speed Di2 automatic gears. What’s that? Instead of mechanical cables the Di2 is an electronic gear-shifting system that enables riders to execute shifts with electronic switches versus the mechanical shift levers, ultimately providing faster more precise gear changes and endless customisation options.

Last but definitely not least! The latest addition to our hub-powered E-bike range. The Alpine & The Alpine X have been refined and revamped and will be ready to return to our London showroom.

As the new London mayor has prioritised making cycling easier and safer with the construction of cycling superhighways beginning next year, Electric-Bike store pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest and greatest products for the electric bike community.

Electric Bike Store

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