Electric Bike Store and The Environment

At the Electric Bike Store we are totally committed to the environment and love all things green. Electric bikes emit no combustion byproducts and are classified as zero emission vehicles which is great for the environment!

ECO Friendly


The fact that electric bikes are so green and environmentally friendly is leading to more and more individuals and businesses using them. Electric bikes are great for commuting as they help take vehicles off the roads and many businesses have started using them for staff commuting between premises or for traveling to and from customer premises.

Electric bike sales have been growing rapidly over the past decade. The far east has lead the way and it is estimated that in China alone there are more than 120 million electric bikes. Sales in Europe have continued to increase dramatically over the past few years from about 200,000 in 2007 to over 700,000 in 2010 as people see the environmental benefits and cost savings that they offer as well as the increasing desire of us all to reduce our carbon footprints.

VOLT™ Bikes are manufactured using the latest environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to ensure minimal environmental impact and help keep the environment as green as possible.

As part of the Electric Bike Store’s environmental policy we have teamed up with Re-Cycle to allow customers who have old bikes that they no longer want to donate them to Africa.

Re-Cycle is a UK charity who are committed to providing cheap, sustainable transport in Africa. Donated bicycles are serviced and then transported to Africa where they are offered to those who could benefit from them as a means to improve their lives by giving them opportunities to travel to work and school. Bikes can also be adapted to carry goods and passengers giving small scale farmers and traders the opportunity to reach customers further afield. They are also an invaluable resource for traveling health workers coping with the AIDS epidemic.

Find out more at www.re-cycle.org.

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