Hövding Airbag Helmet 3.0


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Hövding is the world's first airbag for cyclists. Through advanced sensors, Hövding knows the cyclist's motion pattern and reacts in case of an accident. The unique airbag then blows up to a hood that fixes your neck and gives you the world's best shock absorption.

Hövding consists of two parts: a collar and a cover. The collar encloses the airbag system which constitutes the main protection. The collar is made of a black, waterproof and dirt-repellent functional fabric and you wear it as a collar around the neck. Hövding is supplied with a detachable black fabric cover which protects your Hövding from dirt and wear.

Activate your Hövding in a flash with the smart and easy activation button. A sound and light will indicate when your Hövding is active. Remember: Only activate and use Hövding when biking! You charge your Hövding by connecting the USB cable supplied to an external charger with a USB port (such as the ones supplied with all smartphones/tablets).

Hövding is designed for cyclists aged 15 and over.

  • Up to 8x better protection than traditional helmets
  • Inflates in 0.1 sec
  • Monitors your movements 200 times per second
  • Different covers available
Hovding Airbag 3.0
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