VOLT™ Metro

36V Standard (up to 40 Miles) £999.00

36V Large (up to 60 Miles) £1,199.00


  • Condition: Brand New / Unused
  • Distance: 0 km
  • Year: 2017
  • up to 40/60 Miles on one charge*
  • Shimano 8 Speed ALIVIO Gears
  • Weight: 18.5kg
  • 15.5mph Bafang Motor
  • Max Rider Weight: 100kg**
  • 2 Years Peace of Mind Warranty
  • Free UK Delivery
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The Metro folding electric bike is the ride of choice for many, including city commuters and those who lie to travel with their bike. At just 18.5kg*, this is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market today and is quickly and easily folded for storage or travelling. Quality of build is particularly important for folding e-bikes and the Metro is constructed to the highest standard from the best components available. Front suspension forks set the Metro apart from the crowd, being a rare addition to folding bikes, and when combined with a Velo plush saddle and seat post suspension, create a smooth and comfy ride. Although a compact little bike, the height adjustable saddle and handlebars give flexibility of riding position to suit riders of all sizes.

The 250 watt Bafang power motor combined with such a lightweight bike results in a very nippy (not to mention stylish) way to get around! The Panasonic lithium battery has a single charge range of 50+ miles (also available with an up to 60 miles option) and at just 5p to fully charge the battery it certainly beats trains, buses and cars as an economical and eco-friendly mode of transport. With 5 pedal assist options for varying power levels and a ‘push and go’ thumb throttle, the Metro is perfect for zipping through the city streets or country lanes.


*The distances shown on our website are based on real tests under the following conditions:
Rider Weight: 11 Stone (Please note 11 Stone is the weight of the test rider and our e-bikes are capable of carrying riders well over this specified weight)
Controller Speed Setting: low to medium
Riding conditions: warm summer day
Road conditions: tarmacked good condition roads, quite flat terrain
Wind level: low
Rider fitness level: medium
Rider effort: moderate

For more information on electric bike battery care please see the Electric Bike Store’s Battery Guide


**VOLT™ stipulate that bike is designed to carry a maximum load of 100 kg excluding luggage.

If the owner is heavier than the maximum load weight there is a risk that the frame and bike components could wear more quickly or even break.
If the rider exceeds this maximum weight warranties may be treated null and void.


Model: VOLT™ Metro

LCD Display Five speed display with throttle system
Frame Lightweight Aluminium, 6061 T6
Folded size L: 33” x W: 18” x H: 30”
Weight 18.5 kg without batteries / 21.6 kg with battery
Max person weight Max 100 kg
Max weight (rider) Max 100 kg
Frame size 17 inches
Wheel size 20 inches x 1.75
Chain KMC
Wheels Aluminium double wall reinforced
Tyres CST Puncture Resistant
Seat Velo Sport Comfort Saddle
Seat Post EXA Form
Gears Shimano 8 Speed Alivio
Brakes, front / rear Tektro Front Disc / Rear V-Brake
Lights Dutch Spaninga Front and rear LED (battery powered)
Forks Suspension Zoom
Motor Features
Motor 250W Bafang Power Motor
Max Speed With electrical assistance: 15.5 mph or 25 kmh
Location of motor In the rear wheel hub
Battery Type Panasonic Lithium Polymer
Battery weight 3.1 kg or 4.4 kg
Power 36V Standard (400Wh) or 36V Large (540Wh)
Distance up to 40/60 miles under the PAS (depends on level of assistance)
Lifetime 1000 charge-discharge cycles
Charge time 4 to 6 hours

Reviews of the VOLT™ Metro


Neil Warren

For years I bored colleagues and friends talking about getting a folding electric bike. As my wife has the car on weekdays and doing a job that takes me around the South West visiting businesses in rural locations I could see how a folding ebike would help bridge the 5-10 mile gap from public transport and deal with hills along the way.
Finding a job at Exeter Uni meant that I could tap into the Cyclescheme and start hunting. I had a look (and test ride) of a few options around the £1000 mark. The Volt Metro kept coming out well in reviews, seemed to be better made when I tested and also had a younger design look than some others.
I’ve now had the bike for 15 months and have riden over 1500 miles. I had high expectations but they have been surpassed. I love the flexibility it gives me for travelling. I can take it on a branch line or inter city train without worrying if there’s a bike space. I can pop it into the boot of even a small car. And when I get it out and ride it makes cycling so enjoyable. I already cycled quite a lot so it’s mainly helping me with hills and headwinds but it makes a huge difference. I don’t have to think about the topography whether for work or pleasure.
Ok so it’s a pretty heavy beast but the only time you lift it is to get it from the platform onto the train or into the boot of a car. It’s bigger than other options but that larger wheel (with front suspension and suspension saddle) is much needed and appreciated on country lanes.
It’s not the perfect bike. Along the way a few parts have broken. However, first of all you’re paying for a mid price bike. Secondly, and more importantly, what you get is first class service. Each time there has been a slight issue the guys in London have been incredibly helpful. This has been especially important as, being 1 hour from nearest Volt dealer, help has often needed to be at distance. And when talking me through repairs over the phone led to me doing more harm and good they performed a brilliant ‘pit stop’ repair the next time I was passing through London.
I can’t stop myself recommending them to others and sure enough it wasn’t long before my wife was after an ebike. Interestingly, after initially going for a super Swiss Flyer ebike, she found that for all its sophistication and quality build the riding assistance just wasn’t working for her. She had a go on my bike and immediately knew that this was the right option for her dodgy knees. So she now has a Volt Kensington. I never thought I would hear her asking when we can next go for a bike ride. So double thanks to Volt and Electric Bike Store. Not only do I now have a great bike for work but I can enjoy cycling for leisure with my wife. Huge thanks!

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Ian Parr

After extensive research and reviews I chose to buy the Volt Metro electric bike in Black from the Electric bike store.
There are of course many other makes and models on offer, but none combined the looks, quality and up- market features on the volt bike.
Before making a decision I arranged test drives on several bikes, but the quality of ride, ease of use and sheer pleasure offered by the Metro was never matched. The bike feels solid but light to handle, there are no rattles or noisy gear shifts. The brakes have just the right blend of confidence and feel and the nice features of integrated computer, Velo comfort seat, up-market gears and brake levers makes the bike feel very special.
On the first outing with a fully charged battery I covered over 30 miles of hilly terrain with battery capacity to spare. Not bad considering I am 14 stone and I was not being careful on power usage. The ride also included several top speed dashes up long hills as a test.
The Electric bike store were very knowledgeable and helpful, despite me calling several times for more information, and when I finally made the decision to buy, the bike was despatched the same day to my local dealer. I was up and away the very next day.
My only criticism of the bike is the kilometre only readout on the computer.
Would recommend it to anyone!!

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Michael Yates

We bought two Volt Metro bikes a couple of months ago having decided our cycling days were almost over – at least on hilly routes. We are both over 70 now. Our Volt bikes have given us a new lease of life – once the ordnance survey map had to be scrutinised to avoid close contours, now we can cope with anything. We have not yet exceeded twenty miles on any trip and so far have not used a single “block” on the battery indicator – so the range of up to 40 miles is more than achievable. Cannot fault the bikes – they look good and perform accordingly.
As far as the Electric Bike Store is concerned – they have been excellent, especially Lyle Metcalfe who will go that proverbial extra mile.
Can highly recommend both the Volt Metro and the Electric Bike Store.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk


I collected my Volt Metro yesterday from their show room near London Bridge. Lyle was very helpful answering all my questions also he did a very good job to get my brand new Volt Metro prepared.
After a long ride to get back home, I can confirm that this bike is a great piece of technology. It’s a real pleasure to cycle with or without electric assistance.
If you’re thinking of buying an electric bike then forget the other brands, call the Electric Bike Store now and book a test ride!
To be honest, I took my time (few months) to look on internet to see what the electric bike market is and this company is the best because they offer a very good customer service also they have the best range of electric bikes built with the best technologies available.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Dominic Ginty

So having not cycled for over 10 years I was weary at first getting back on a bike. I waited in until midnight having requested that delivery time. Peirs traveled from London to Manchester to personally deliver my bike, set it up and guide me through its use. PERFECT…
My first ride out was a few miles and it went to quick and so off I went up a hill I couldn’t get up even 10 years ago. The bike is so smooth, the motor accelerates well and it’s assistance feels like it’s just part of the bike. It’s such a good quality and we’ll built bike. I’ve now ditched my car and started cycling to work. It’s that much fun.
I really want to thank Piers and Lyle at the electric bike store. It’s their friendly approach and helpful attitude that drew me initially to ordering a volt bike. I initial emailed many companies and they were not helpful at all, Lyle was available via email at anytime and Piers gave me his mobile number to contact if I had any problems at all… So far I’ve not needed to call 🙂
This company is a pleasure to do business with and once I’ve paid this bike off I’ll be looking at buying a metro for the parents to get about on too 🙂
These bikes aren’t cheap, but they are top quality and excellent value for money. It’s a purchase I will never regret.
I would say that VOLT need to get themselves out on the net, more videos and pictures and specs of their bikes.
If you are thinking of getting an electric bike send them an email or give them a call…. Or better still, if your in London for a city break sort out a test ride.
Seriously wish to thank you guys at The electric bike store and Piers and Lyle especially, I have lost half a stone in the two weeks I’ve had my bike, I’m more energetic and mobile then I’ve ever felt.
I hope your company grows and grows and you stick with the same. Customer service ethics you have now, “the customer is king”

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Andrew Weston

I bought the volt metro with the 16vlt battery just under a year ago, I cycle to work everyday regardless of the weather, its very comfortable and easy to handle. Its a bit heavy after using a standard bike, not so easy to carry up and down escalators due to the addition weight of the battery but this is to be expected, but not prohibitive. I use it for everything and have a couple of bike trailers for taking stuff to the recycling depot and also for shopping. It is a pleasure to ride I am so please with it, that I bough another for my partner. I am a a seasoned cyclist but have welcomed the assistance it has brought, there are know no days when it is just to windy that my journey is too unpleasant to contemplate on a standard bike. Added to which the staff at the store have been exceptionally helpful when contacted. I would recommend this bike to anyone, if your in any doubt , give it a test ride… and I’m sure your’ll want one , its well built and looks Fab … I always get asked about it.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk


Had my volt metro bike for a 6 month. Use it every day 🙂 Already done 3000 km!!!
Many thanks for your friendly customer service.:)

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Paul Bolton

I was going to buy a Volt Metro for my wife, who finds it difficult to keep up with me on road trips out on our mountain bikes. I arranged a test ride at the local dealers and it instantly put a smile on my face , so I decided to buy myself one as well !! The bikes are quality built, and a pleasure to ride, whilst easy to fold up and stow ( albeit a little on the heavy side compared with a standard bike due to the battery). First trip out we tentatively decided on a ride around the northern half of Windermere planning to return to Bowness on the ferry – a journey of around 15 miles. We enjoyed the bikes so much and didn’t feel we’d put in any real effort ( because the pedal assist is really just like an extra set of gears) , that we decided to do the full circuit , clocking up 33 miles! It felt like a real achievement and whilst these are folding bikes with 20in wheels they coped on the lanes and by-roads without issue. As the days are now shortening I’m using mine for the occasional daily commute to work benefiting from the handy carrier / rack and lights which come as standard. Only issue so far has been a faulty pedal which was replaced with a better quality pair without question. I’m becoming quite an evangelist for these little bikes and can’t recommend them highly enough. Just bear in mind that if you are thinking of buying an electric bike and surfing the net for the best deal as we all do, that this is a British company with an increasing string of dealers who go out of their way to address any issues or queries – you may not find that if the one that’s made in China you bought off the ‘net goes down. So well worth the premium price tag in my view.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

British Consumer

I used to bike a lot during university days, london transport took over followed by motorbike and car. 3 years ago, I developed cardiac arythmia which knocked the winds out of my sporty sails until late last year when after three operations and a very understanding cardiac consultant, Im now on the yellow brick road! I decided to maximise my exercise regime by biking to work. However I live on top of a hill in Brighton which even the most athletic cyclists have to dismount and push. Thus I realise going to work will be a breeze as I whizz down the hill but coming back after a day at the office will not be so much fun. With my improving cardiac condition, a regular bike is out of the question.
I spent nearly a year reviewing and comparing various options, makes, models and specifications until I narrowed my search down to two makes Juicy bikes and Volt bikes.Appearance wise, the Volt Metro wins hands down as its symetrical frame structure comes across more masculine then the more curvy feminine Juicy bikes. I contacted my bicycle mad nerdy friend Matt who advised that the equipment spec is above average and a manual bike of that calibre would normally cost around £600, therefore the balance of the purchase price goes into the electric trickery. My chinese lodger who originates from mainland China endorse the quality of the Bafeng hub motor and a rummage round our local bicycle specialists store confirmed the authencity of the quality of the other parts.
Therefore quite satisfied that tangibly, the product is worth its manufacture cost plus a fair % profit for the company, I decided to test ride the product to see if it suits me but most importantly, can it take me up the hill to my house as my cardiac medication kicks in immediately I exert too much energy as it tries to slow down my heart rate before it goes wildly our of sync.
From my first email contact with the elecric bike store to the present with my Volt Metro snugly drip charging in my hallway, ready for tomorrow, the honest sales approach, the personal service in arranging a test ride on a Sunday to the feel of quality and performance of the Volt Metro definately makes me proud being British and buying a British product .
Lyle, their sales manager who dealt with my purchase immediately understood my concern about the hill climb. Without any deliberation, he allowed me to proceed with the purchase on the promise that if the bike fails to get me up the hill, I was allowed to bring it back for a full refund. This promise tentatively sealed the transaction for me because if the sales Manager can believe in his product that much, what else is there to deliberate?
The Volt Metro with the larger battery had no problem whatsoever overcoming the hill. Infact, I was so surprised that I tried ti three times! The bike required the motor’s highest power, level 5 and a manual Shimano gear setting of 3 sometimes 2 in order for me and my dodgy heart to whiz up the hill without any bother. A lodger of mine who just returned from a tour of Basra with the British Army engineers had to dismount on his bike whenever he comes up that hill huffing and puffing. He now says Im cheating!
For those who are familiar with Brighton, I live by the racecourse, therefore you would be aware of the steep gradient of the four main roads that leads up to it i.e. Bear Road, Elm Road, Whitehawk way and Wilson’s Avenue. Most of us had to resort to 4x4s inorder to remain mobile during the snowy period.
The Volt range is not cheap, but the difference is prices can easily be accounted for by quality and performance of the product supported by the safe feeling that it’s a British product with inhouse service and parts availability.
In conclussion, I would just like to thank Lyle for trusting me in making an honest assessment of his bike. Overall, a good transactional experience and even the weather has been sunny since my Volt Metro moved in. I’ve been whizzing along the seafront each morning annoying the other cyclists. Cheating? nah, just living the healthy outdoor life that my Volt Metro have given back to me.
Oh ya, incase any of you are thinking I have anything to do with the electric bike store or even have shares in Volt products, I am merely a simple research law scientist with a dodgy heart. The fact that I actually bought something British, from a British company and had a superb experience is the only reason for this review.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk


You know when you deal with a company or a shop and things just feel “right”? You feel as though you are in safe hands and there’s that elusive (these days) feeling of trust? Well, that is my overall impression of dealing with The Electric Bike Store. You’re left with the wistful thought of “why can’t all companies be as good as this?”
I purchased a Volt Metro Folding Electric Bike about 2 months ago from The Electric Bike Store. I actually purchased it through the Government sponsored CycleScheme program, whereby employers can offer their employees what amounts to a tax-free, interest-free loan in order to purchase a bicycle – Google it and have a look, it’s a really good scheme. The Electric Bike Store is one of the shops registered with the Scheme and they helped make the whole process really simple.
Once the purchase had gone through, Lyle (very nice man!) at The Electric Bike Store arranged to have my bike delivered to a local bike shop for professional assembly and safety checks – this service is included free of charge for those not able to get to the Store in person, which I was really impressed by! So, I picked my bike up from the local shop and had a quick tutorial from the bike mechanic in the shop before riding it home – he actually commented on how well the bike was put together and how impressed he was by the quality of the components. The tutorial, it turned out, was superfluous as the bike is really, really easy to ride and control. If you can ride a standard pedal bicycle and push a couple of buttons then you’re laughing. The controls and LCD display are “Apple intuitive” – no you don’t get a free iPhone with the bike! – just to say that there really is no need to read any instructions to get you started and riding. In my opinion, any piece of technology that requires you to read a manual before using it, just hasn’t been designed right. This bike HAS been designed right and therefore could be operated by a Luddite technophobe born in the Dark Ages (mangled historical timelines, but you know what I mean). Everything about the bike just works – simply, efficiently, effectively and with no fuss. Indeed, the whole “personality” of the bike just whispers understated cool – I got the black one ‘natch! This is the bike James Bond will be riding when all the oil runs out and his Aston Martin is rusting away for lack of fuel. And this is a FOLDING bike we’re talking about here – usually about as cool as Noel Edmunds in a sauna! I am seriously considering getting the Volt Alpine Electric Mountain Bike for the weekends, as this looks űbercool on their t’nterwebsite!
As I said, I have had the bike for almost 2 months now and commute to and from work on it most days. This consists of a half mile ride to my local rail station and an approx. 2 mile ride at the other end to work. Riding the bike is a dream! You have five assist level settings (up/down buttons mentioned above) and an independent thumb throttle control next to the left hand grip. So having set your assist level, get on the bike and just start to pedal. After a couple of revolutions of the cranks the electric motor kicks in and you literally feel (and look) like you’re Lance Armstrong – no, not shamefaced with shrivelled testicles, but effortlessly zooming away from traffic lights etc. You do have to put up with the dirty looks from “real” cyclists as you cruise past them, their faces red and legs furiously pumping, but who cares? I’m just happy I’m not going to arrive at work and inflict dripping armpits and ‘cycle stink’ on my colleagues all day! The no-pedalling-required throttle is also very slick. Fancy a rest from pushing those pedals? Just let the bike freewheel whilst rotating the thumb throttle and see the jaws of pedestrians drop as you defy the laws of physics by actually speeding up when you stop pedalling!
Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made! What more can I say? Buy one of these bikes from the very nice (and very knowledgeable) people at The Electric Bike Store and you wont regret it! Use CycleScheme if you can – it works out about 30% off list price (depending how much tax you pay) and you can spread the remainder interest free over 12 months. I live about 20 miles from my work place (train journey involved as I said) and I am going to try the whole run when the weather picks up. At the moment I am saving £3 per day on the bus fares at either end of my train journey – this just about covers my monthly repayments under the CycleScheme. If I can manage the full trip (no train) then my saving will be £12 a day and I’m quids in, as they say!! Happy days and the Dude abides!

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Arthur Phillips

I have been looking for a folding electric bike for ages and was struggling to make a decision. I was lucky enough to come across electric-bike-store.co.uk from searching online. I found the website very informative and really liked the look of the Volt Metro. I called up the shop and spoke to one of the staff who was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and I went ahead and purchased two Metros, one for myself and one for my wife. Overall it was a very pleasant shopping experience and I’m very happy with my decision.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

James Goldsworthy

I bought two Volt electric bikes for myself and my wife about six months ago. I don’t normally write reviews but we get so many people asking about them and they really have been great so here goes!
I bought a Volt Alpine (mountain bike) for myself and Volt Metro (folding bike) for my wife. Before purchasing we’d spoken to and visited a lot of shops however without a doubt the guys at the Electric Bike Store were the best and most helpful. They offered good advice and really knew what they were talking about.
Price wise the bikes are good value considering that you get a two year warranty and that they use all the latest technology such as Lithium Polymer batteries. We found that most other manufacturers were using older technology and trying to pass it off as new. What we didn’t realise until we did our research how important it is to have the motor in the rear wheel and not in the front wheel. Like the guys in the shop said ‘have you ever seen a front wheel drive motorbike?’. Also it’s not until you try a bike with the battery fitted on the rear pannier that you realise that the weight distribution on the bike is all wrong – this is not a problem on the Volt bikes as the battery is fitted onto the bike frame directly under your seat.
Ride wise the bikes have been excellent. Even though the weather hasn’t been great over the past six months we’ve still managed to clock up almost 700 miles. Incredible considering we never used to do more than a couple of short rides a year on our old push bikes. The bikes are easy to control and the pedal assistance is easy to operate. Also the fact that they have a thumb throttle is a god send. When we bought the bikes we didn’t think we’d ever use it but reality is we use it all the time for that little burst of extra power when you’re going up a steep hill!
To conclude, I couldn’t recommend the Volt bikes highly enough. They’re well built, use the latest technology, the guys in the Electric Bike Store are great to deal with and if you want to guarantee getting out on your bike and feel healthier and fitter….get an electric bike.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Marius Hansen

Recently bought a VOLT Metro. So far I’ve used it everyday to commute to work. This is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Thank you very much electric bike store. Great service!

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk