train ticketThe rise in The cost of commuting by public transport is well-documented – especially in the capital. Thecost of an annual Travelcard for Zones 1-2 in London is an astronomical £1,104, and the congestion charge against cars and other vehicles put commuters off driving many years ago. With transport prices rising across the entire country, how can employees travel to work without breaking the bank?

The answer has wheels and a motor, but it doesn’t incur any form of charge and it costs around 10p per mile to run. Electric bikes are growing in popularity with commuters across the country who prize them for their convenience and, most importantly, their budget-friendly status. Riding to work on an electric bike can cut out a myriad of costs, from Travelcards to petrol – and that’s before the health benefits are taken into consideration.

The average electric bike from Electric Bike Store costs around £1,500 – there are some models that are more expensive and some models that fall just under this bracket, but most can expect to pay somewhere in this region. Already this is substantially cheaper than a car which, even second-hand, can cost into the tens of thousands to buy outright. The cheapest London Travelcard costs £1,104, which is less than the average e-bike, but this only lasts for a year before it has to be renewed, often with price hikes included – with the proper maintenance, electric bikes can last for decades with minimal upkeep.

Electric bikes are also exempt from all sorts of extra costs – road tax, insurance and MOTs, for example. Of course, they incur their own costs, such as tyres and other replacement parts, but on the whole, they are dramatically cheaper to own and run than any form of car.

Next we come to fuel – with the cost of petrol and diesel rising significantly in recent years, the average petrol car needs around 14.2p worth of petrol to drive one mile. The average e-bike, which has been charged using electricity from the rider’s home, can travel a mile on roughly 0.13 of a penny – a saving of 99%!

In a world where we are experiencing a so-called ‘cost of living crisis’, more and more people in the UK are searching for cost-effective methods of transport. No other form of transportation combines convenience and cost-effectiveness quite like the electric bike.