family cyclingThere is a common misconception that cycling is the preserve of the young, fit and healthy; those who are quite happy to spend one day hurtling down country lanes on a road bike, then the next tackling gritty trails on a mountain bike. But electric bikes are helping to dispel this myth and make cycling an enjoyable group activity for all the family.

Many older members of the family can find the idea of heading for a cycle on their day off a little intimidating – they’d rather have their feet up with a good book or a TV show! But electric bikes help to make cycling an activity which can be enjoyed, rather than fretted over. Some of the higher-spec motors on electric bikes can handle up to 80 miles when they’re fully charged, so the older members of the family could take to the roads or the cycle tracks without even breaking a sweat!

Some people worry that an electric bike might not fit their needs – surely an electric bike can’t handle rugged terrain or long ascents? In fact, electric bikes come in a multitude of models that can handle anything. From sleek and slim road bikes to rugged mountain bike models that are specifically designed to tackle rough trails and uphill climbs, there are a multitude of mountain bikes to suit everyone. Mum can ride a comfortable electric city bike, Dad can go for a road bike or a mountain bike (depending on whether he wants speed or suspension!) and the kids can get the best of both worlds with hybrid electric bikes that are great all-rounders.

Electric bikes also make it possible to cycle for distances that most families would balk at. Where many people would think that 10 miles is more than enough for a day’s cycling, those riding electric bikes can get 30 miles under their belt before they consider heading back home. The mixture of pedal power and the motor means that riders never get too tired, which keeps them cycling for longer. This gives families a much bigger radius of attractions to visit – they can cycle to the nearest beach or to a not-quite-local beauty spot that may have been out of reach on regular push-bikes, and they can do so as a family without leaving anyone behind due to poor fitness or reluctance.

The humble electric bike is the perfect accessory for modern families looking to get out more. They’re cost-effective and comfortable, they offer plenty of mileage and they come in a range of styles that are suited to cyclists of all abilities. What more could a family of budding e-cyclists ever need?