Not owning a folding bike

Finding a simple, quick and inexpensive way of getting across the city is something many daily commuters dream of. With the rush hour gridlock occurring on every journey, driving is usually frustrating and getting the train can also be a painful, especially when ticket prices are continuing to rise. Of course some people ride their regular bikes every day, but many are put off by the effort that requires combined with the thought of turning up to work too hot and sweaty. But now there is another option, our chosen e-bike maker Volt™ has made one of the first high quality folding electric bikes, which could be the perfect solution to your commuting nightmare.

How Could I Benefit From A Folding Electric Bike?

The folding electric bike we have in our range is the Volt™ Metro, which has all of the amazing features found on our bigger bikes, but with a clever design which means it can fold up into a compact size that can be carried with you onto a train or bus, or will easily fit into the back of any car.

Commuting is by no means the only use for a folding electric bike, its design means that it is a great e-bike choice for almost anyone including women or older users, as its light weight frame makes it one of the easiest bikes to ride even when you are not using the batteries for extra power. It is also a great option for people who live in a flat, who do not have the space to keep a normal bike.

Just like many of the other bikes in the Volt™ range, their folding electric bike comes with features that make it stand out from other manufacturers. Mounted on the handlebars is a simple to use LCD power controller which has six different levels of pedal assistance as well as digital speed, battery level and odometer readings, so you always know everything you need to by simply looking down at the display.

The bike has a powerful 250W Bafang motor and high quality 8-speed gears which will help you create plenty of speed to get up any steep hill. And the powerful 36V 10Ah Lithium Polymer battery will give you a range of up to 40 miles or more on a single charge. This means that you can easily use the bike for your return trip to work or the shops every day without the worry of running out of charge.

The Volt™ Metro is the combination of great innovation, providing all the benefits of a folding bike with the technology of a high quality electric bike to create a fantastic alternative to driving or public transport. Its design means you will never have to over exert yourself whilst still getting to your destination as quick as all the regular cyclists.

High Quality Folding E-Bikes At The Electric Bike Store

As well as folding electric bikes, we have other e bikes in our range including mountain bikes and a Dutch style bike which is perfect for any type of user. All of our bikes come with a free two year warranty. If you would like to try any of our bikes then you can come to one of our test centres where one of our expert staff will answer any of your questions.

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