Choosing an Electric Mountain Bike

Choosing the right electric mountain bike requires much of the same thinking as you would with a regular mountain bike, except there are some key differences which should be considered before you make any major decisions to ensure you are getting the right electric mountain bike for you.

How To Choose The Right Electric Mountain Bike

    • Suspension – This is one of the first considerations you will need to make, as there are three types of suspension which are suited for different environments and riders. You can get bikes which have front, front and middle or no suspension at all. This is often a personal preference, but more suspension means a smoother ride which will save your battery life, but also adds weight. If you plan to ride through mountain trails then more suspension may be advisable, but for normal city use it is far less required.
    • Frame – The frames for electric mountain bikes vary a lot between different manufacturers, with many making completely new and radical designs which they think is the best solution. Many people, particularly Europeans, favour the regular bike frame which has been made for electric bike use, whereas in China they want their ebikes to be set apart from push bikes and therefore use much bigger frames. What you are most looking for is a frame which is lightweight, as this will give your more acceleration.

  • Brakes – These are important on any fast moving vehicle, but when you are using added power to go faster than you would normally, having safe and reliable brakes can save you from any unfortunate accidents. Most high quality bikes have disc brakes which are much better than the old pad style, and will stop you much quicker if anything happens.
  • Tyres – All ebikes, and especially Mountain bikes, need to use good chunky tyres because the weight of the bike is slightly more than on a regular bike and so the frame, batteries and motor need to be supported effectively. The best tyres for electric mountain bikes are around 2 inches wide or as big as you can fit onto your model, but will a limited tread as the tyre needs good grip to the ground.
  • Batteries – These can vary between each model, as lighter and longer lasting batteries are made with each stage of new innovation. They are now usually made from lithium-polymer which is similar to a laptop battery. This means that the distance they will allow you to travel for is much further than only a few years ago, and they are now far less noticeable as they do not interfere with the rider.

Electric Mountain Bikes Available From The Electric Bike Store

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