How ebikes got Sexy

Electric bikes, or ebikes as they are often known, are gaining popularity in countries all over the world as their rapid growth and innovation has made them ideal for a wide range of applications. However in Britain they have received a fairly negative image over recent years as there has been a slight perception that they’re not practical or just for lazy people, but this is now changing, as new and improved models are being released every year.

The Transformation Of Ebikes

When ebikes were first seen in Europe, they were mostly just standard pedal bikes which had electric motors and batteries attached which made them too heavy and not very attractive to look at or ride. But now companies are developing ebikes with far better parts and components which is completely transforming the way they work and look, and making them far more acceptable within our society.

Many of the latest advances have come from Germany, who has a strong reputation for improving technology and engineering, with around 300,000 e-bikes being sold during 2011. According to the countries bike industry association, this makes up as much as 15% of their entire new bicycle market.

Now this trend is catching on in the UK, as people begin to realise how an ebike could benefit them. Their most common use has been for commuting, for which many choose the small wheeled folding option as this is the most practical for this use, but now people are starting to use them for recreational purposes now that the negative image has gone away. Many of the latest electric mountain bikes include all the same features you would find on a standard top of the range mountain bike, but with tiny motors and lightweight batteries which transform the way they work.

Bikes such as these are by no means aimed at the lazy or bone idle, they are highly tuned pieces of kit which can help people who love cycling and the rural outdoors, but whether for reasons of injury, age or fitness, they require or desire the extra power to help them go slightly faster or further, and enjoy every minute without being too exhausted.

This makes them sound like they are only designed for use in rural countryside bike rides, but this is far from the truth. In fact they can work in any environment you want to use it for, even just a trip to and from the shops. Some of the bikes with very high specifications do have a much higher price tag, but the diversity of choice within the market has developed considerably in just a short space of time, meaning there are now options available for every type of rider and level of budget.

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