Be the envy of your fellow commuters with a stylish folding electric bike.

stylish folding electric bike

Commuting can be the most arduous part of the day. Thankfully, electric bikes help alleviate the monotony and inject some much needed excitement in travelling to and from work. You can commute whilst giving yourself great exercise, and with a folding bike, this process has never been easier. Let’s look at some of the benefits that foldable e-bikes bring…

The pro’s of getting a folding electric bike.

The pro’s of getting a folding electric bike.

• They are economically friendly: Like their manual equivalent, electronic bikes are an economically friendly alternative of getting to and from the workplace- they are also kinder to your wallet and better for your health.

• They have a redesigned look: Our intention was to make a fully functional yet elegant looking bike that fits seamlessly with the formal workplace look. Our new electric folding bike comes with all an all new design that makes it both visually appealing and extremely well suited for the busy life of a city commuter.

• They are portable to make for a smooth commute: Built with the highest grade of reinforced aluminium, The Volt Metro is also very light, durable and exceptionally straight forward to fold up and store- making it one of the most well designed city bikes available on the market. Because of its light weight, the bike can be easily lifted onto a train or into a car boot without unnecessary pressure or exertion.

• All the functionality of the normal electronic bike, packed into a neat foldable package: The folding electric bike comes with every advantage of a regular e-bike. These include electronically powered assistance, manual pedal and a lithium polymer battery (the best battery for electric bikes). Our foldable bike also comes with a quick release cable for easy maintenance; high performance safety power cut breaks as well as an LCD display that indicates speed, distance & battery power.

• You can exercise on your own terms: As with other electric bikes, the collapsible version comes with great customizable tools to help you manage your cycling. With the option to switch from a manual or electronically assisted pedal, you have the opportunity to push yourself that little bit extra at the end of the day (or relax after a busy day in the office). It’s entirely in your hands! With this new feature, travelling up a steep hill will not be quite as intimidating as it was before.

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