Stay in shape with electric bikes

A common new year’s resolution is to improve personal health through more regular exercise, but actually finding the time and willpower to go to the gym or get up for an early morning jog can be tricky. However, by riding an electric bike, you can get the exercise you need to stay in shape during normal daily activities.

The Health Benefits Of Riding Electric Bikes

Using electric bikes can have a significant impact on your health, and staying active through cycling can help to reduce the risk of problems such as heart disease and cancer. Electric bikes also present an easy solution to staying healthy and losing weight without having to find extra time in your day for the exercise. You can cycle when travelling to work, going to see your friends, heading to the shops; there are plenty of opportunities to get exercise riding electric bikes whilst also enjoying the practical benefits of travelling more efficiently.

Riding electric bikes on a regular basis offers many of the same benefits that you would receive from a specific training programme. By cycling for 30 minutes on most days of the week and reducing your calorie intake, you can lose the same amount of weight as you would from taking 3 aerobics classes per week. Riding an electric bike can also have a positive effect on your mental health, as it improves your level of well-being, self-confidence and tolerance to stress while reducing tiredness and sleeping difficulties.

The perceived dangers of traffic can sometimes put people off taking up cycling to improve their fitness. However, as long as you are wearing the necessary safety equipment, the actual dangers that motor traffic presents are minimal. In fact, research suggests that the risks presented by traffic are outweighed by the health benefits of cycling by a factor of approximately 20 to 1.

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