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Electric Bikes Prove A Hit For the Young at Heart.

 What makes cycling stand out from other modes of transport? Accessibility. Both children and adults alike can enjoy a leisurely cycle at relative ease. But with the exponentially growing popularity of electric bikes across the world, there are lingering questions regarding safety, and whether or not they are suitable for elderly riders in particular. We will explore some of the ways that electric bikes could help safety on the road, and look into why they are such a valuable addition to the already thriving cycling culture.

Cycling For All Ages

Amsterdam is renowned for its cycle-friendly culture; a trait that many cities are attempting to emulate. However, what makes the Dutch community so unique is the fact that the elderly are just as passionate about cycling as the young. Most recently, a group of elderly cyclists in the Dutch town of Vught celebrated their enthusiasm for cycling as they made their way through the town on their electric bikes. With the practice becoming ever popular, there are more and more elderly cyclists on the road; and with added numbers there comes the added potential for danger. But why is this the case?

As mentioned previously, more people hopping on bikes, means an increased probability of potential incidents. Whilst it has been shown that elderly riders were no more likely to cause or be involved in a traffic accident than younger riders, it was revealed that they are more vulnerable on the road. Ultimately, the solution here is to devise a cycling system that does not detract from the joy of cycling, but adds an increased level of safety for senior cyclists.

Why are Electric Bikes a Safer Alternative?

Electric bikes offer the ideal solution to many of the problems of road safety. When bombarded with heavy traffic, it can be incredibly difficult for an older rider to balance demanding cycling with keeping their eyes and ears open and alert to danger. Because of the ability to switch from the manual pedalling system to the electronically powered mode, senior cyclists can support themselves when they need it the most- alleviating stress and discomfort. In addition, some electric bikes come with a low seat for easier accessibility.

While e-bikes are an excellent step in the right direction with regards to cycling safety, we are often made all too aware of the dangers of road cycling. Improved road signs along with the construction of wider, obstruction free cycle ways would be welcome additions to the cycling infrastructure.

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