Electric Bikes Can Help With Injury Rehabilitation.

electric bikes and rehabilitation

Recovering from an injury can be a challenging and often frustrating time. The transition period between injury and rehabilitation is an incredibly volatile stage that requires the upmost level of care and observation. Electric bikes can help with injury rehabilitation, offering a solid platform to ease into activity following physical trauma, without the added dangers of overworking the body.

We will take a look at some of the benefits that electric bikes offer and evaluate how they compare to other less effective modes of injury recovery. But before we do that, we will briefly take a look at what electric bikes are and how they differ from standard bikes.

Going From Strength to Strength with Powered Bikes.

Electrically powered bikes differ from their manual counterparts in that they offer the option to switch from a manual powered pedal to battery powered assistance. Crucially, many electric bikes come with a gauge to increase or reduce the level of assistance. This functions as a useful tool for those at the stage where light exercise has been recommended or prescribed. With this, there is the option to pedal when desired and relax when needed. The power gauge also works well as a tool for progression. With it, riders can gradually decrease the level of assistance as their body begins to heal from the injury- this control option dramatically reduces the chance of aggravating the injury.

Importantly, with the variable difficulty gauges and the option to switch back to manual mode, riders of bikes with a powered motor don’t miss out on cardiovascular activity. As a result, overall fitness levels are maintained- meaning that the user will be well prepared to return to their everyday life.

The main problem with other forms of exercise for injury recovery is that they cannot vary in difficulty level. Swimming is rightfully considered the most soothing initial recovery step; however, outdoor running (which is another popular recovery option) leaves the patient at the mercy of the terrain, and can be hard on the joints. Country roads, pebbles and even running tracks can be far too harsh on the recovering body. In stark contrast, the controls on an e-bike eliminate this issue; the rider has ultimate control over their speed and level of exertion.

Would an Electric Bike Work for Me?

Electric Bikes certainly work as a brilliant recovery tool for the professional cyclist, but they are also beneficial to other sportsmen and sportswomen looking to compliment their recuperation program. Not really into sports? No matter, these bikes also help those who are seriously injured from a non-sporting incident; providing gentle cardio stimulation during the healing period.

Where to Get your Electric Bike.
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