electric mountin bikes
Electric bikes are quickly becoming more and more popular as new people realise the benefits they can bring to them. There are now various different styles of electric bike, just as there are normal bikes, with a design suitable for every type of rider.

A Guide To Electric Mountain Bikes

There are small city bikes which are made for short commuting including folding models which you can take on public transport, unisex models that have a Dutch style frame which makes them easy to get on and off, but our most popular bikes are the electric mountain bikes which combine all of the latest technology to make them as light and powerful as possible, with features such as 8 speed gears and high grade aluminium frames.

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike, sometimes called an e-bike, pedelec, or power-assisted bicycle, uses an electric motor fitted to the bike which creates extra propulsion. The power generated is stored in a battery pack attached to the bike which is recharged through the mains. The motor assists the users pedaling making it easier to go uphill or cycle into a headwind, helping you cycle further and easier than on a regular bike.

What’s Better About An Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric mountain bikes have the most features of any e-bikes, with much of the latest innovation and materials to improve them from previous designs. With suspension, big chunky tires, large batteries and powerful motors which give them increased power, they are the electric bike of choice for serious enthusiasts, people who love riding outdoors around parks and forests or anyone who would choose to buy a mountain bike if they were choosing a regular bike.

How Legal Are Electric Bikes?

The law in the UK requires electric bicycles to reduce the power supplied by the motor as the bike’s speed approaches 15mph. This doesn’t prevent you to going even faster, it just has to be with your own legs as the motor switches off once you hit top speed. The bike also has to weigh less then 40kg, still have pedals for manual control and must cut the power to the motor as soon as the brakes are applied.

What Are The Best Electric Mountain Bikes To Buy?

After testing all of the most high tech bikes around, we have found that Volt™ have the best mountain e-bikes simply because of the high quality components which give them an edge over other electric bike makers. We supply two of their electric mountain bikes, the Volt™ Alpine and Alpine X, which are two of the best electric bikes you will find anywhere.

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