Folding Electric Bike for non-cyclists

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in Britain, as new people realise the benefits they can bring to them. Sales are growing quickly all around the world, with an estimated 1.2 million in the European market in 2012. This is down to the development and innovation which has been invested in them over the last few years and has resulted in a much bigger choice of bikes available, with models to suit all kinds of rider.

Discover The Benefits Of Ebikes With A Quality Folding Electric Bike

One style which has sold more than any other is the folding electric bike, which has already transformed the daily commute for thousands of workers and has now become one of the best entry bikes for non-cyclists. This type of bike was never made to be the fastest, but its clever design features makes it a brilliant option for both new and experienced users.

Folding electric bikes can vary between manufacturers; with some using a half fold where the bike folds in two from a middle point, or a vertical fold where the wheels end up side by side. This mechanism is a highly important feature of the bike, and will determine how easily you can fold and unfold it every time you need to.

Practicality is one of the most important factors for a folding electric bike. Choose one which has a simple folding mechanism that can be done quickly otherwise the bike will not be able to fulfil its purpose effectively. Another important consideration is the parts which have been used to make the bike, as some manufacturers put more time and effort into producing lighter batteries which last longer and motors that work more efficiently.

The weight of the frame also makes a huge difference, particularly with a folding electric bike. The heavier the bike is, the slower it will become, which in turn runs the batteries down faster. Thankfully there are now ebikes available like the Volt Metro, which features 8 speed gears, a battery which will give you a range of up to 40 miles, and a built on LCD display which allows you to control everything from pedal assistance, odometer reading, speed and battery life.

Folding electric bikes are the best option for many new or inexperienced cyclists, as they have small 20” wheels and a low centred frame which means far less balance is required to ride them compared with larger bikes. This means you can get used to the extra power from the motor and be riding around without worry of injury.

Many people choose these bikes for commuting; their compact size when folded away means they can be taken onto public transport and the smaller wheels mean they can manoeuvre around tight city streets better other types of ebike. However one of the biggest appeals is the potential to save noticeable amounts of time and money, with traffic jams and expensive petrol or cancelled trains and rising fares which make these an unbearable option. Some will look at the initial cost of a folding electric bike and be put off, but within a year they will easily pay for themselves.

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