Electric Bicycle Racing

As the innovation and technology behind electric bikes continues developing, new possibilities are opened which allow them to be used for all kinds of new purposes. One of these is ebike racing, which is becoming an increasingly popular sport where teams build and race their customised bikes in a bid to make the fastest electric bicycle.

A Guide To Electric Bicycle Racing

The newly established sport has caught on with a group of ebike riders with new people joining all the time. As it gets bigger, the developments made are fed back into the production which helps make new models with better parts and performance. This has been happening with motorsport for decades and the result are highly the innovative cars we use today which have turbos and other features which were first developed for racing purposes.

One of the first races to be organised took place in Colorado, where a group of regular bike enthusiasts allowed them to enter their race which consisted of a 20 mile course going uphill. In both 2010 and 11, only a few of the electric bikes which entered managed to finish the race, because many either ran out of battery or couldn’t finish due to breaking down.

But very quickly the bikes improved, and by 2012 all of the 10 electric bikes who entered finished a slightly shortened course, showing a big improvement in performance from just one year. But the problem of finding enough race worthy bikes to contend has been a constant issue for those involved, so they decided to join a similar sport called motor bicycling, which uses small 2 stroke motors on bicycles.

At first the electric bicycles were heavily unreliable in these races, but after tweaking and upgrading their bikes they now dominate these races. However the sport is still in its early stages, as there are usually less than 7 bikes competing in each race, there has not been much regulation especially in terms of classes.

As a consequence, electric bikes used for racing have evolved into bigger and heavier machines. A typical “unlimited” race bike can weigh up to 90 kg. Reliable electric components have gradually become heavier, making them more like electric motorbikes and less like standard road bikes. Until organisers assign watt or weight limits, electric race bikes will continue evolving to be bigger, heavier and faster.

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