Riding electric bike in London

In these chilly winter months, cyclists will be feeling the bite of the cold during the daily commute. However, you don’t have to pack away your electric bicycle and take to public transport to stay warm!

Staying Safe And Warm In Winter On Your Electric Bicycle

Here are a few tips for when you’re riding your electric bicycle in winter:

  • Wear Plenty Of Layers

    The winter wind can really tear into you when you are out cycling, so make sure you wear plenty of layers of clothes. Thermal clothing will be a big help here. Although wearing your heaviest, thickest coat might seem tempting, it won’t be nearly as effective as a light wind-proof jacket. Gloves are another must. Also wear a thin balaclava under your helmet to keep your face warm.

  • Watch Out For Thin Ice

    Keep one eye on the traffic reports in the morning to see if there is any mention of black ice. You definitely don’t want to be running into this when you are out cycling. Most bridges and bike paths should be clear, but if you have doubts about the conditions of the surfaces you will be riding over, then take extra care or find an alternate route to be on the safe side.

  • Keep Your Bike Clean

    Road salt has the same nasty effect on bikes as it does cars. Salt will eat through aluminium, so you need to keep your bike clean more than ever over the winter period. Giving your electric bicycle a quick soapy wash after a ride will help to keep the grime at bay.

  • Keep The Batteries Charged

    Lithium batteries are less efficient in the cold weather, so it’s important to make sure that your electric bicycle is charged before each ride. If you are storing your bicycle in a shed or garage that isn’t insulated, then take the battery out when not in use and keep it indoors.

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