e-bikes article essentially catering magazine

Last month Electric Bike Store featured in Essentially Catering Magazine, but don’t worry if you missed it we’ve got a link to the virtual edition here!

Once again Lyle Metcalfe (director of EBS) has been sharing his expertise and enthusiasm for electric bikes, this time with industry magazine Essentially Catering. In this enlightening article Lyle looks at the growing number of food outlets turning to e-bikes for their delivery vehicles. He also points out the vast benefits of using these modes of transport in a bustling city such as London.

As a retailer of electric cycles we get to see the bikes we sell used for all manner of things but the one thing that ties them altogether is that everyone LOVES riding them!

If you’ve bought an e-bike from us we’d love to hear your story and how you use it. We might even feature it on our blog. Email us at [email protected], tweet us @ebikeUK, review us on Google+, or message us on our Facebook page.

You can read the full article here in the Essentially Catering magazine archive