Volt Alpine X

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Volt Alpine X

36V Large 520Wh (up to 70 Miles)

  • Up to 70 Miles on one charge*
  • Shimano 9 Speed Deore Gears
  • Weight: 19.5kg
  • 15.5mph SpinTech™ Motor
  • Max Rider Weight: 100kg**
  • 2 Years Peace of Mind Warranty
  • Free UK Delivery to Local Assembly Point

This hard wearing e-bike is a step up from our Alpine mode in many ways, from the styling to the premium components prevalent throughout. The 19” toughened aluminium frame is designed for strength and performance, featuring electric blue styling within the matte black finish and sleek, smoothed welding on prominent joins.

The SR Suntour NCX air-suspension forks come with a lockout mechanism that can be adjusted to suit the terrain wherever you go. The chunky ‘Small Block Eight’ tyre from Kenda provide fantastic grip on any surface including tarmac roads with minimal resistance and are lined with Kevlar for extra puncture prevention. 26” DP21 Alexrims have the necessary strength to withstand whatever you can throw their way and can stop on a dime when coupled with the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. The gear system is a Shimano Deore 9 speed making any gradient possible, especially with power assistance. A 70-mile lithium polymer battery comes as standard to give the maximum range possible and the SpinTech™ Super High-Torque motor has the power to conquer any hill. This motor upgrade also provides increased acceleration up to the top speed of 15.5mph so, although it has amplified torque it is still perfectly road-legal.


*The distances shown on our website are based on real tests under the following conditions:
Rider Weight: 11 StonePlease note 11 Stone is the weight of the test rider and our e-bikes a capable of carrying riders well over this specified weight)
Controller Speed Setting: low to medium
Riding conditions: warm summer day
Road conditions: tarmacked good condition roads, quite flat terrain
Wind level: low
Rider fitness level: medium
Rider effort: moderate

For more information on electric bike battery care please see the Electric Bike Store’s Battery Guide


**Volt stipulate that bike is designed to carry a maximum load of 100 kg excluding luggage.

If the owner is heavier than the maximum load weight there is a risk that the frame and bike components could wear more quickly or even break.
If the rider exceeds this maximum weight warranties may be treated null and void.


Model: Volt Alpine X

LCD Display Five speed display with throttle system
Frame High Grade Reinforced Aluminium 6061 T6
Weight 19.5 kg without batteries / 23.9 kg with battery
Max person weight Max 100 kg
Max weight (rider) Max 100 kg
Frame size 19 inches
Wheel size 26 inches x 2.10 or 29 inches x 2.10
Chain KMC
Wheels Aluminium double wall reinforced
Tyres Kenda
Seat Velo Sport Comfort Saddle
Seat Post Zoom
Gears Shimano 9 Speed Deore
Brakes, front / rear Tektro Auriga E-Comp Hydraulic “Safety Power Cut” Disc Brakes
Front Fork Suspention SR Suntour NCX 26inch or 29er XCR
Lights Front and rear Spanninga LED (battery powered)
Handlebars Zoom – Adjustable
Motor Features
Motor 250W High Torque SpinTech™ Motor
Max Speed With electrical assistance: 15.5 mph or 25 kmh
Location of motor In the rear wheel hub
Battery Type Panasonic Lithium Polymer
Battery weight 4.4 kg
Power 36V Large (520Wh)
Distance Up to 70 miles under the PAS (depends on level of assistance)
Lifetime 1000 charge-discharge cycles
Charge time 3 to 4 hours
Compact charger Provided: for AC 100 V to 240 V – 50 or 60Hz

Reviews of the Volt Alpine X


Rocket Robbo

I’ve owned my Volt Alpine X now for the best part of 3 yrs & 7 months & its not let me down once so far. Best pushbike/electric bike I’ve ever owned & I’ve owned more than a few. Build quality is excellent, I’ve even pull a trailer with it to & from my allotment up hills that u’d think u’d have 2 walk up wiv no hassle, just had new tires, chain & rear cluster fitted so hopefully she’s good for another 3 plus yrs. Will defiantly by buying another Volt when this one stops werking wiv all the bus fares i’ve saved while i’ve owned her. I ride her all year round fetching grocers with bags hangin off the handlebars too. Mined has now done some 4,577km or 2,844 miles

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Simon Green

I contacted London Electric Bikes in May 2014 to arrange a test ride at their showroom near London Bridge. I dealt with Lyle who was great. I have a standard mountain bike which I ride occasionally in Epping Forest, Essex but I am strictly a weekend-only-on-sunny-days kind of cyclist with none of the gear that most people seem to have. I wanted to cycle in to work (Loughton, Essex to Hackney, London – 10.5 miles) twice a week instead of driving to save some money on petrol and for the exercise.
Having driven the route hundreds of times I knew what it was like for cyclists as I was always passing them and it’s a bit hairy. I am 51 years old and in reasonable shape but felt that I needed a bit of help getting up the long hills going out of Loughton and I am not a very confident city cyclist at all. I figured a bit of power would come in handy.
At the showroom Lyle explained all the bits of the bike. It looked the business, all matt black. After showing me the throttle and the computer etc we went out into the rain – (typical London) on a busy back street and I had a go around the block. After the initial wobble the motor kicked in at setting 3 out of 5 and you could hear me go “Whoo Hoo!” all around the block. The power surge is bloody marvellous. I bought the bike then and there. A few days later it was delivered to my office and Lyle went over the instructions again.
I put it in my car to test it out over the weekend before venturing into the streets of Hackney. After forgetting how to turn on the motor (long press on the ‘M’ button on the console) I fired off an email and had to anxiously wait over the weekend for the reply on Monday. I felt like a right ‘nana. During the weekend I took it out anyway with the battery in to get the feel of the bike. It is a heavy piece of kit, but in a way that is reassuring as you know that you have paid for something of quality. Despite not having any power the bike handle really well the and hydraulic brakes will easily flip you backside over lady-bumps if you’re heavy handed.

After Lyle had emailed me with the answer to turning the power on I went out about town in Loughton and tried the bike on all the hills and then went off-road into the forest. On the road the bike handles well. Good solid comfortable feel. The motor easily demolished all hills and 8 weeks later I still get a thrill when the motor kicks in and you zoom off. the advantages of the motor are very apparent when you come to busy roundabouts or you’re at the traffic lights. At full power (setting 5) and in a lower gear you can be just as quick as the guys on the carbon fibre racing velo’s. A light touch of the brakes or if you stop pedalling will cut the motor.
In the forest is when the bike shows its true brilliance. after a little practice you can easily switch between power settings for hills and difficult terrain but more often than not you don’t use the power that much. The kevlar reinforced tyres handles thorns and brambles with no problems – even though I was convinced that they would get a puncture. I went through some quite deep mud and the tyres aren’t true MTB’s, they’re hybrids so there is some slippage but all is forgiven as the Alpine powers you up the next grassy bank. The Alpine is definitely not designed for jumping or stunting, at 25 kilos the bike’s pretty heavy.
One nice feature is the handlebar mounted suspension lock-out switch where you can either turn on the suspension for off-road or lock it rigid for street riding – but after riding the pot-hole riddled streets to London you’re better off with the suspension being active.
The gear action is smooth and easy to use – it is situated on the right handlebar.
Gripes? I only have one. I wish it had more than the 9 gears, even another 3 would have made it an exceptional bike. I only say this because on the long, flat stretches you feel that you need 2 more gears to get the Alpine to go faster as all the lycra boys go screaming past you on their super machines.
The battery seems to last for ages. I have ridden back from the office when I’m particularly tired and have had the power setting on 5 and let the bike do most of the work – you can see the watts spiking up to 350+ but when you press the button on the battery it has only gone down by one bar.
I shall finish with what my mates say. When Lyle dropped off the bike at the office two of my colleagues tried the bike and they both went “Whoo Hoo!” Another 7 have tried the Alpine either on the street or off-road, and every single one of them has gone – you guessed it – “Whoo Hoo!” I heartily recommend that you find one of their showrooms and just test one of their electric bikes, there are quite a few models to choose from. They are definitely the future.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Doug Baker

Full enjoyable discussions took place prior to purchasing my Alpine X ‘E’ MTB with both Lyle and Piers of the Electric Bike Store. It was delivered by special ‘Volts’ delivery Service at no cost to myself (customer). One little problem did occur – the front light was not working on the Bike so without hesitation, and at ‘Volts’ insistence, Piers from the Electric Bike Store very quickly delivered an exchange Alpine X ‘E’ MTB. At the same time he spent a considerable amount of his time explaining fully the Alpine X MTB operation details.
You could not ask for better service from the Electric Bike store, via Lyle and Piers Company Representatives.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk

Joe Noble

I have just purchased the Alpine X and what can i say it’s a superb bike, where i live there are lots of hill’s (Whitby north Yorkshire) this machine tears up them, the gear changing is effortless and the different power setting would cater for most people, i cannot recommend this bike enough, and the service from volt was outstanding especially Lyle who pointed me in the right direction, if your going to go the electric bike route give volt a ring you wont be disappointed.

To read full review or others: www.trustpilot.co.uk