If you are a fan of pedal power or like to keep up with the latest travel and technology, you’ve more than likely heard about the buzz surrounding electric bikes. As the name suggests, they are powered by an electric motor which makes pedaling faster, easier and more enjoyable. But there’s much more to these alternative modes of transport than meets the eye. Here’s our top five reasons why we think you’ll prefer riding ebikes…

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1. Get there faster Perhaps the most appealing benefit of an e-bike is the fact that it gets you where you want to go – FAST! As a mode of transport it’s faster than a conventional push bike yet has the capability to avoid traffic congestion and take advantage of cycle network facilities, this new generation bicycle has the potential to slash your journey time in half.


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2. Stay cool One of the major turnoffs of riding a bike can be arriving at your destination with sticky clothes and sweaty skin. This is particularly unappealing if you’re on your way to work or a social occasion. The pedal assist on our e-bikes blows this issue out of the water. With no need for excessive physical exertion and effortless hill climbs, whatever the route, you’re sure to arrive cool, calm and collected.


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3. Get fit Yes, electric bikes feature motors but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still beneficial to your fitness level. Our bikes provide 5 different pedal assist settings along with the option of full throttle or no peddle assist at all. This enables people of all fitness levels to keep active and enjoy a fitness regime that suits them.


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4. Be eco-friendly If you’re passionate about minimising your impact on the environment, an electric bike is the perfect blend of functionality and sustainability. Rather than drive around the congested roads in a fuel guzzling car, why not invest in something more convenient that will also reduce your carbon footprint?


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5. Avoid pesky paperwork E-bike owners enjoy all the benefits of a mortised method of transport without the annoying red tape! As they are technically and legally considered to be bicycles, there is no need to pay tax, insurance or get an MOT. You don’t even need a license!


With fantastic benefits such as these on offer, buying one is a no brainer. Whether you want to make your daily commute as efficient as possible, power up those hills without breaking a sweat or choose a mode of transport that is environmentally friendly; an electric version of the humble bicycle ticks all the boxes and is guaranteed to revolutionise the way you look at cycling for ever.

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