Whether it’s for getting to work or a leisurely cycle, we’ve spoken plenty about the benefits of riding an electric bike. But what exactly makes a folding ebike a particularly great choice?

From effortless storage to easy riding, we’ve outlined just a few of the key perks that make these models some of our most popular.

If you need to catch the train or bus, quick folding and a smaller frame allow you to pack up your bike and go. Customised carry bags make it even more convenient to load in your car or carry on your shoulder.

Its mobility comes into good use on your travels as well: Folding e-bikes are a staple amongst motorhome users and roadtrippers to explore outside of the campsite. Compact folding means it won’t take up too much precious space in the campervan.

Plus, the power assistance makes navigating hilly areas and longer distances way more fun.

Convenient Commuting
With plenty of speed, versatility and mobility, folding e-bikes have become synonymous with commuting, and for good reason.

Smaller wheels mean easier turns on the road, making for a daily journey that’s all the more efficient. Get to your destination safely and speedily—and without the sweat to go along with it!

Inadequate storage space sometimes deters would-be cyclists from investing in a bike of their own. This is especially true of Londoners; with staircases and small flats getting in the way, managing a heavy and cumbersome bike is often the last thing city dwellers care to do.

Folding models, however, can be stored in a cupboard, under the bed, on the wall…the opportunities are endless!

Keep It Safe!
With this comes plenty of peace of mind. If you’re commuting to work, the ability to park your bike next to your desk saves you the worry of leaving your wheels locked up outside. Whether you’re headed to the office, the shop or the pub, you can keep your e-bike in your sight at all times.

VOLT™ Metro
Our flagship folding model offers five power assistance settings and top-quality components. Its advanced SpinTech™ operating system delivers a smooth and intuitive ride.

Book a test ride to see what the Metro or Metro LS can do for you.