Volt Pulse Nominated for T3 Awards 2018!

It’s a big week for tech! In full swing this Thursday are the T3 Awards, an event that celebrates the year’s most innovative people, products, and companies. And being recognised for its groundbreaking design and performance is none other than the VOLT™ Pulse!

The T3 Awards cover 50 categories of tech, from the best Bluetooth headphones to Gadget of the Year. This year, the winners will be announced at London’s legendary Ministry of Sound. It’s a prestigious ceremony that has captured the attention of the media and industry enthusiasts alike.

For the Best Bike category, the hybrid e-bike is going against not only fellow electric bike brands, but traditional bikes as well.

There’s no question that pedelec technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. A few years ago, going electric was far from the norm—now, pedal assistance is a mainstream staple. The Pulse’s nomination goes to show just how far this technology has come.

It’s great to see the VOLT™ model recognised alongside tech heavyweights both within the cycling industry and beyond. Best of luck to the Pulse and the VOLT™ team!

Read more about T3 Awards 2018 here. To try out the Pulse for yourself, book a test ride.