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A revolutionary new system that offers the most advanced riding experience available in the UK

VOLT™ Infinity Shimano STEPS
VOLT™ Infinity LS Shimano STEPS
VOLT™ Connect Shimano STEPS
Wallerang M.01x Shimano STEPS



Shimano STEPS Bikes

Shimano STEPS is the latest and greatest technology to hit the electric bike scene! This revolutionary technology enables the most sophisticated and personalised cycling experience available in the UK. The system reacts seamlessly to riding patterns and delivers customised pedal assistance. Here are some of the best bikes featuring this advanced system…

NEW! VOLT™ Infinity Shimano Steps E-bike

Volt Infinity Shimano Steps

The latest e-bike fitted with the latest technology. This model is the result of a unique partnership between Volt and Shimano. The revolutionary Shimano Steps system offers one of the most sophisticated crank drive motor systems available. Fitted only with the highest spec features, including a new Sony battery the Infinity provides UK customers the best ride yet!

Price: £2599.00 (inc VAT)

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NEW! VOLT™ Infinity LS Shimano Steps E-bike

Volt Infinity LS Shimano Steps

The latest release from VOLT, the Infinity LS is very similar to the Infinity but with a smaller, low crossbar frame. This means that customers who love the Shimano STEPS system but couldn’t quite manage the height of the original Infinity, can now enjoy all the benefits of Shimano STEPS on a smaller frame. Fitted only with the highest spec features.

Price: £2499.00 (inc VAT)

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Connect Shimano STEPS e-bike from Volt

Connect Shimano STEPS e-bike from Volt

The Connect is our latest model and features the popular Shimano STEPS motor. The Shimano system is the most advanced crank driven electric motor on the market today. This system reads information about how you are riding and delivers power appropriately in real-time, resulting in a ride that feels completely natural.

Price:  £2299.00 (inc VAT)

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NEW! Wallerang M.01 Smartbike

Wallerang M.01 Smartbike

New Smartbike with Modular Travel System from Wallerang. Winner at Eurobike best e-bike category 2015, this bike offers a unique fusion between the best in Swedish design combined with the best in Japanese technology. Like the Infinity, the M.01 features the sophisticated Shimano Steps drive system.

Price: £2999.00 (inc VAT)

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NEW! Wallerang M.01x Smartbike

Wallerang M.01x Smartbike

Combining Scandanavian design with Japanese technology, the Wallerang M.01X is an evolution from the original M.01 Smartbike. The M.01X however features front fork Rock Shox air suspension. Utilising the sophisticated and greatly celebrated Shimano STEPS system this next generation e-bike offers an exceptional riding experience.

Price: £3299.00 (inc VAT)

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VOLT Infinity reviewed on CNET

Watch VOLT Infinity Shimano STEPS feature in tech review giants CNET video

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